Great Throwdown Digital Camera

If you know me — you know I take and share a lot of photos. I have a professional set up worth over $10,000 — but I seldom use it — unless at the track. I use cheap little thrown down (if the photo is real bad, it is most likely taken on my iPhone) cameras that fit in the palm of your hand.

I keep on in the glovebox of my truck, one if the glovebox of my car, and one in my briefcase. They started out being 4mp cameras price around $375 — but over the years they got more powerful, smaller, and best yet — cheaper. I upgrade by giving the older ones to be used at work (and they typically get dropped) or give to one of my kids — that way the three cameras I use are never older than 2-3 years.

Last month I bought a Samsung PL200 for like $175 (less than $100 on the link below) — it is far better than a professional camera I paid $5000 about 6-7 years ago.

  • 14.2 MP (my $5000 camera was like 8MP)
  • Video (Excellent video camera)
  • 7X zoom lens (that’s like a 300MM)
  • Image Stabilization (reduces blur on far away photos)
  • built in flash
  • retracting lens with cover
  • Image Type sensor adjusting shutter speed to proper image type
  • USB plug in to computer — no need to remove card and put in reader

Doing a search on Ebay — I see some people selling this camera new — for under $100.

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I can tell you that I know a little about cameras, had dozens of decent ones — and this is the absolute value in a cheap throw-down camera I’ve ever had. It really does a better job that cameras I’ve paid ten times more for.

If you have a $100 to invest in a neat little toy to preserve memories — and share with others, then this is the camera I’d suggest. Makes a great gift for a family member if you’re stumped on what to get.