Shit Has Hit the Fan

My retirement and Life’s savings have gone to Hell in the last couple of days.

Investors are dumping their stocks in favor of foreign currency and gold.

Apple, most likely the greatest company ever, has seen its stock go from $730 a share to $535 a share a couple of minutes ago. I have 300 shares of that.

While the Moochers might be happy about their free stuff — companies are making plans to move out of the US because of taxes and the projected economy, laying off people because of Obamacare not going to be repealed, and no more R&D in the US.

Producers (especially doctors) are retiring or moving out of the US. I just heard that one we know has decided to move to Costa Rica. Others are simply closing their practice.

Retired wealthy people have been moving to Singapore and Australia in the last few years — and people are talking about that picking up dramatically in 2013.

Many of my friends who own small businesses are selling those business, as I sold mine, and are also “Going Galt”.

These people know that we didn’t just lose the election to the Moochers — but forever lost the country to them. The Taker’s now the majority of voters — making Socialism/Communism/Progressivism (whatever name you give it) a certainty from their personal greed of free stuff and stupidity that it can’t be paid for. Most of the more aware/intelligent also recognize that stupid people were played by Obama enacting the Cloward & Piven Strategy. Obamacare can never be reversed — and it will bankrupt the USS(S)A.