2012 State of the Union


What the whole speech last night shows me is that we’re in serious trouble.

This was 100% campaign speech that was tested in front of groups of people weeks in advance, and fined tuned to what people want to hear. The theme that the Democrats are running is that a Republican controlled House has obstructed the country from recovering. Forget that it is the Democrat controlled Senate that has not passed anything — or that while Obama has taken the deficit from $10Trillion to $15Trillion in three years — while unemployment has gone up, the defense has been weakened, and gas is twice as much as the day he took office. The average idiot voter out there thinks this is all of the Republican’s fault.

At the same time, Obama has achieved his goal of dramatically increasing the percentage of government dependents receiving a handout — The Moochers. So he knows that having the Soviet seeded (beginning in the 30s) media and college professors helping him blaming the Republicans is working. This is going to cause panic among many of the existing Republican politicians, who will cave to some of Obama’s pie in the sky entitlements.

Obama wouldn’t have a speech calling for amnesty, free college, mortgage refinance, throwing money at “Green Energy” (his crony friends giving the most contribution money), union construction projects, and tax increases on the few who pay taxes — if he didn’t know that was what the majority want to hear.

Yes, we’ve now officially passed the point of where the majority being the moochers and want to become yet bigger moochers. There are not enough producers to win. When the Moochers put yet a higher percentage of their corrupt career politicians in office, and they get another 12,000,000-20,000,000 voters through amnesty for more Moochers — America will officially be on Greece Watch.

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