Damn Facebook

I’m Done With Facebook & Their Games

I’m personally sick and tired of the Liberal Facebook Gestapo applying a double-standard moderation “Community Standards” Policy, and their harassment and removal of people, groups and pages going against the political beliefs of their Snowflake Moderators.

I’m also personally sick of the collection of personal information for marketing purposes, selling to virtually and company or group with cash in hand.

No real Social Network like Facebook – which doesn’t stifle and punish Conservatives, Libertarians, Christians, Veterans and Military – exists. As such, I’ve secured the domain www,DamnFacebook.com and will created software with features similar to Facebook. In the meantime I’ll occasionally post examples of people claiming to shutdown and harass those with different political options.

I don’t expect the site, when finished, to be one/millionth the size of Facebook, but it will welcome any of those done with Facebook (and their friends) with a place where they won’t be stifled or shutdown.

Check it out, and bookmark the site so you can check for its release date as a Social Network with real Standards for it’s Community.

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