In 2020, I Question Nothing

I’m in my 8th (50s-20s) decade of being around. I’ve seen a President assignated, a man land on the Moon, computers in a home, phones in a pocket, a couple Shuttles blow up, men changing to women and women changing to men, a black queer as President, a male gorilla as First Lady. I served in the military during a war we weren’t allowed to win, and the GIs were hated.

I remember when stores we’re closed on Sundays, we all went to church, milk being delivered in the mornings, Tupperware parties, only two sexes and the teachers taught reading, writing and Arithmetic. Boys had Shop Class and girls had typing and Home Ec. All were taught Civics, we said the Pledge before the school day started and a Prayer before the Friday night Football Game. Kids in braces from Polio and scars from vaccines.

However, the year 2020 has gone down as the most memorable year of my life. Share a link to this on Social Media if you feel the same.

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