The Deep State Owns Facebook

Virtually every time I post something about Biden, I get warned, Shadow Banned, serve hard time in FB Jail, and then ultimately my account removed. Often, I’m punished weeks or months after the posting. The above was about 10 days after the post. Note the absolute hate crime I committed posting that.

We learned from Musk, that the FBI and the White House had large staffs assigned to locate and Rat Out any post that Violates the Deep State’s Community Standards.

Twitter is like a gnat on the ass of Facebook. Whatever the Deep State Government did at small Twitter, pales at what they are doing at Fascistbook.

A poorly kept secret is that the White House contracted a company dedicating as many as 600 people on scouring Facebook (more correctly the Deep State’ Ministry of Propaganda) for posts that they don’t like, and have arrangements with Facebook to have those accounts stifled.

In the past, I’d just get another account. However, I’m down to my last account. I use a VPN and different computers to register; my FB cookies are deleted when closing the browser and I been using different browsers; and I take many other precautions to hide my computer’s identity. Despite that, my accounts were located and removed. As soon as I register a new account, its deleted five minutes later.

Frankly I don’t think I’ll miss Facebook – but I will miss those I served with, my out of town family, those I grew up with, those I played Softball with, those I once worked with, and those who I race with.

I’m not looking for sympathy. However, I’m appalled at the apathy of people knowing this is going on and not caring. Your government acts worst than Communist China with regards to trampling Freedom, and punishing dissidents.

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