Drag Racing 102 – Log Book

Whale Log BookOne of the most important racing tools is the log book.

I bought a 3-ring binder and some plastic page sleeves. This book has virtually everything I need to know about the car.

  • When did I buy the shocks, what’s the model number, and where the receipts – in the book.
  • Need to prove the SFI rating of the balancer — in the book.
  • Forgot the valve lash for the new cam — in the book.
  • Need the wiring diagram of the ignition box – in the book
  • Forgot how to playback your tach – in the book.
  • How many runs on the oil change, transmission band adjustment, fuel filter, slicks – in the book.
  • How many runs on the motor, transmission, rear gears, convertor, or slicks — in the book.
  • What jets and springs are in the carb, shock adjustments, or gears in the rear end – in the book.

Every manual to every part, every scale sheet, every chassis certification, and every cam card go into a sleeve in the book. Every run with the weather, weight, tire pressures, and jetting is logged. Every repair, improvement, or change made is logged.

Whale Log Book

Whale Log Book

Whale Log Book

Whale Log Book

Whale Log BookYou can get a log book from Summit Racing that you can log the runs and maintenance in, or make your own in Word or Excel that has all of the information you want to log. I have a weather station that logs my passes with the weather — so all I have to do is print them and 3-hole punch.

Whale Log BookI made my own maintenance sheets from Excel.

Whale Log BookThis helps you know whats in the car, prove the safety, know what maintenance is due, know what the car ran in conditions similar — or if the car is falling off. Different times can indicate things like the slicks or the torque converter going away.

Keeping a book with manuals and a log book will also make your car more valuable if and when you want to sell it.


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