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Going to Meh-Hee-Co for Cinco de Mayo

Posted: Thu Apr 29, 2021 8:16 pm
by Old Hippie
My brother and I are going to Cabo to tie one on for Cinco de Mayo.

Here's the funny part. Both of us got both of our jabs in March. We both got the Pfizer, which the CDC told us are 97% effective. Both of us have the little government cards proving we were vaccinated.

Now here's the weird part, that same CDC requires we get a Negative Covid Test within 72 hours of our flight back or we can't board, even with proof of vaccination.

So what is it, 97% effective it not
Is this just an overbearing Government trying to keep us scared and masked

Bonus Question, if I wade across and surrender to the Border Patrol like the Illegals, do I have to show negative results to the Coyotes before I step into the River?