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Free Reaction Time Tree App

Jegs Has a Free iPhone Tree App

Jegs has a very cool Tree app for the iPhone. You can set the tree type and your roll out (in tenths – .31 for my big 11-second 63 Plymouth). Hold your thumb on a transbrake button on the screen — and release for your reaction as the tree activates. I have a big full tree set up in my office and a portatree for the track — but this is just as good, and I can play it at the Dentist’s office. Those with iPhones or iPads can go to the Ap store and search Jegs. Its Free and works great.

Great Throwdown Digital Camera

If you know me — you know I take and share a lot of photos. I have a professional set up worth over $10,000 — but I seldom use it — unless at the track. I use cheap little thrown down (if the photo is real bad, it is most likely taken on my iPhone) cameras that fit in the palm of your hand.

I keep on in the glovebox of my truck, one if the glovebox of my car, and one in my briefcase. They started out being 4mp cameras price around $375 — but over the years they got more powerful, smaller, and best yet — cheaper. I upgrade by giving the older ones to be used at work (and they typically get dropped) or give to one of my kids — that way the three cameras I use are never older than 2-3 years.

Last month I bought a Samsung PL200 for like $175 (less than $100 on the link below) — it is far better than a professional camera I paid $5000 about 6-7 years ago.

  • 14.2 MP (my $5000 camera was like 8MP)
  • Video (Excellent video camera)
  • 7X zoom lens (that’s like a 300MM)
  • Image Stabilization (reduces blur on far away photos)
  • built in flash
  • retracting lens with cover
  • Image Type sensor adjusting shutter speed to proper image type
  • USB plug in to computer — no need to remove card and put in reader

Doing a search on Ebay — I see some people selling this camera new — for under $100.

samsung PL200 items – Get great deals on Cameras Photo, 200 pl items on!

I can tell you that I know a little about cameras, had dozens of decent ones — and this is the absolute value in a cheap throw-down camera I’ve ever had. It really does a better job that cameras I’ve paid ten times more for.

If you have a $100 to invest in a neat little toy to preserve memories — and share with others, then this is the camera I’d suggest. Makes a great gift for a family member if you’re stumped on what to get.

I have one word for you, Tablets!

I have one word for you, Tablets!

I have a home office and spend my mornings working at home with the Financial News on TV in the background, as I day trade stock.

Microsoft has been stuck in the high $25 low $26 per share range for a couple of years now — going absolutely no where. Use to be when they’d release something like Windows 7 (remember when everyone upgraded from 95 to 98 and 98 to XP within weeks after being released), Microsoft would make a fortune. Dell hasn’t been doing to well either — and I use to make a fortune day trading both.

On the other hand — Apple (which use to be holding at $18 a share for years) is the stock I day trade most. It has gone from $185 to over $360 a share in six months.

Yesterday I heard a pretty good explanation for why the old guard is losing ground — and Apple is becoming the new bad ass in technology. Tablets.

Apple started its comeback years ago with the iPod — putting the Sony Walkman in the grave almost immediately. Then the iPhone was their next deal — merging a phone, Internet, and iPod into one device. My wife, I, and four of my five kids have iPhones — as do most of my 29 nieces and nephews. It is a pretty hot device. I had lunch with my wife the other day at a Sushi Bar — and about half of the people in the restaurant had an iPhone in their hand — doing something or another with it.

However, even though iPhone has just opened the market with Verizon and is no longer being an AT&T exclusive — Apple’s money maker is really the iPad tablet. There are other tablets — but they can’t equal the new iPad. Plus Apple has cult status with young people, who are the big spenders.

I bought my wife an iPad for Christmas. Since she’s severely technology challenged, I set everything up for her and played with it for a night before wrapping it. It is too cool. It handles 99% of what most home users have a home computer for. Internet, email, games,… plus reading your books. My wife spends 10 hours a day on the damn thing — and her iPod sure gets a Hell of a lot more action in bed than I do.

The new iPad announced yesterday is 30% thinner and lighter, faster, has a better screen, a protective screen cover that puts it to sleep, front and back camera for “Face to Face” communications, video editing, and a lot more. My birthday is in June — and that’s just enough time for me to feel comfortable that it isn’t “Bleeding Edge”, and that any bugs are worked out.

The point is that just like the notebooks replaced the desktops (again, my wife, I, and all five kids have a notebook instead of a desktop) — the tablets will be replacing the notebooks for all but those who use the PC for business — and even many of the business notebooks at that. 90% of what I do can be accomplished on the tablet — but there is a lot a computer is still required for me as I’m a computer geek — but not so for anyone else in my immediate family. For them, a tablet can completely replace a PC for all of them. I suspect in another year of two — with application software and data residing on the cloud, and a little Blue-tooth keyboard accessory — the tablet will do anything expected of a notebook.

So between the tablet, the Crackberry, and people using their Play Station and TV for the Internet — Microsoft and Dell are losing the important home market, and Apple is gaining it. I see Apple’s stock hitting $450 a share by Christmas.

5 Minute Chili Con Queso

5 Minute Chili Con Queso

Over at Old Hippie Forums, there is a Cookbook forum where members list their favorite recipes. They range from the quick and easy like this one to the exotic Like Fried Rattlesnake.

This is a great way to whip up a small bowl of Chili Con Queso in 5 minutes in your microwave. A brick of Velvetta and a round of Queso Fresco will make four bowls. (About a week around here!)

1/4 large Brick on Velvetta (I use the Low Fat) Cheese
1/4 Round of Queso Fresco Cheese (a white cheese sold in small 5″ diameter 1″ thick rounds)
1/4 jar of your favorite sausa (my wife likes peach — I like habanero)
Splash of milk

Cube the Velvetta and Queso Fresco into small cubes and throw into a ceramic bowl that will be twice the capacity of the ingredients — as it will bubble up in the microwave.

Pour the sausa and then the milk on top. Put bowl on a plate and heat in the microwave on high for 1 minute. Stir. Heat again for 1 minute, and then stir. 1 more minute on high ought to do it. Should be very warm and smooth. You may need one more minute depending on your microwave.

Dip corn chips in the Chili con Queso, and drink plenty of Corona.

Just a few of the other recipes you will find there are: