Finally, A Conservative Social Media Site

There’s a fairly new Social Media site for Conservatives called Parler. It was created about a year ago. It has some growing pains, but they appear to working them out. All of the known conservative suspects post there. Trump, Sean Hannity, Bongino, Malkin, Tucker Carlson, Newt, Rush, Levine, ….

NO advertising. No heavy handed moderating.

Everyone keeps screaming that they wish there was a Social Media site run by Conservatives – well here it is. Sign up and check it out. It will someday be the Facebook without Community Double Standards.

You can follow me there by clicking the link above.

Fight Fire With Fire

The number 1 Liberal Tactic has been disruption ever since Saul Alynsky wrote their bible “Rules for Radicals”. Their latest tactic — and this is taught to them in College by liberal teachers and all kinds of other Liberal groups — is to stifle Conservative speech. They do this no more than they do on Facebook. Their game is to report each and every Conservative leaning photo or meme to Facebook’s Gestapo as promoting violence. They’re currently on a letter writing campaign to the bigger Facebook advertisers, saying that they’ll boycott them if they don’t force Facebook to stop the Mean-Spirited Right Wing Conspiracy from posting their hateful posts. Every chickenshit Liberal spends their day looking for posts to snitch on to the Gestapo. The Gestapo blocks conservative posters at the drop of the hat, yet Black Lives Matters and Antifa posts abound.

So I’m calling on all Conservatives to fight fire with fire. Every time you see a photo comparing Trump to Hitler, incite violence against Trump Voters or Republicans – click the photo, click the links in the top right corner, and report the photo to the Facebook Gestapo as being violent.

After all, why should the Gestapo be spending all of their time blocking Conservatives ratted on by Liberals? Fair is Fair! They all have their favorite Conservative to stalk and constantly Rat out – its time each of us adopt a favorite Liberal – and make their lives as miserable as they make ours.

Welcome to my world….