Donald Trump Saved My Life

By allowing “Experimental Treatment of Terminally Ill”

I caught a really bad virus in August 2021 that really kicked my ass for over a month. I never felt I had fully recovered by the time I caught Covid back in February. I again got hammered by this, and never got well, even while no longer testing positive. My doctor said it was Long Covid. For months it got worse instead of better. In June, I saw my Urologyst and the White Blood Count was low.

I went to a Hematologist/Oncologist and he told me to wait a month for another blood test. A month pasts and WBC was real low, so I get sent for a bone marrow culture on a Thursday. Friday I’m told that I have a rare (1 in 200,000 people) cancer called AML, and was admitted into Methodist Hospital in Sugar Land. I was started on two very strong Chemos, one called the Red Devil. While on all of the medicine there, I some how developed a total bowel obstruction, gained 20 pounds in about 6 days. I had Xrays and Chest CT Scan and a surgical team came to tell me that I needed much of my colon removed and wouldn’t survive. An hour later a counselor showed, told me I had 2 days to 2 weeks to live – and was going to do hospice at home or in hospital. I chose home.

My wife and eldest daughter wasn’t buying it and got me tranferred to MD Anderson – with some connections my eldest daughter had. The next day Dr. Katarjian (who heads up the five floors of the entire Leukemia unit, and been here 50 years) came to visit me in ICU, saying he’d received a Special Request to handle my case. After asking me some questions and looking me over, he said “I think I can save you”, which I wasn’t expecting to hear.

I was put on tons of medicines for Chemo, anti-virus/anti-bacteral/anti-fungus medicines for my lack of immunity from the chemo, and a ton of strong laxatives (Citate of Magnesium) and stool softeners. I was so boated it hurt. I’d gone into the hospital at 284 and was now 313 pounds. It took another five days and two enemas before I started to having bowel movements and became from partial blocked to unblock and shitting like a goose. Methodist was going to disembowel me or send me home to die. That’s the background, but not how Trump saved me. BTW, my weight is 240 today.

My Leukemia was pretty advanced. Their not completely sure how you always get it but it is possible the 2021 virus damaged my DNA receptor for White Blood Cells. Because I was misdiagnosed for so long, conventional therapy most likely wasn’t likely going to cut it.

When we last had a Real President, Donald Trump fast tracked the use of “Experimental Treatments” not approved by the FDA, on the “Terminally Ill”. About 2 months ago, I became patient #59 in an experiment. I’m actually on FDA approved drugs, but used in dosages much higher and in combinations not yet approved. I’m still alive, and have appeared to tolerate the Chemo well, although iit has weakened the other organs some. I’m grateful that my health was strong enough for a 68 year old to be allowed the opportunity for the treatment, and for Donald Trump seeing that more people get a chance of more years, if terminally ill.

My current situation is I’m still in hospital (going on three months) for Accute Myeloid Leukemia plus Pneumonia and now I have Covid. The Pneumonia and Covid are clearing up well, and I’m told I might be able to go home in five days for a couple weeks of out patient Chemo, until the Bone Marrow Transplant is Scheduled. A close match has been found, but is a very dangerous prceedure with a very high death rate – requiring at lease 120 days in isolation room at hospital. However, the only option is to roll the dice. That appears to be my next big fight.

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