1000s Items For Sale

I’ve got three containers of stuff (mostly Mopar parts, household from moving, Cushman…) I’ve accumulated (hoarded) over the last 40 years that I need to sell. I’m listing on Ebay and Craigs List – but the ads are better organized on this site, so I list there first.

Over the last week I’ve tried to list about 25 a night, and since I have thousands of items to list – this will take awhile. I’m also planning a huge Estate Sale at my shop for sometime during the summer – once I have 2 weeks to get ready for it.

If you check the site regularly – you might find what you’re looking for. Please Don’t message me asking if I have this or that – as I really won’t know until I get further unto the container. As I have extra time at the shop, I go through and label, photograph, price and list it on https://www.OldHippiesAds.com/ads – and I’ll eventually get to it all.

If you also have items to sell, I invite you to use the site. The more – the merrier. I routinely submit site maps and will soon have site banners and pay for Fakebook and Google ads – so there will be traffic.

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