A Facebook Clone

But without the Liberal Gestapo tracking your every move, collecting information and reselling it, and punishing anyone posting to the Right of Bernie Sanders.

It’s called Old Hippie’s Damn Face Book. It “Looks & Feels” identical to Facebook, with most of the same features. You have your Profile, a Newsfeed of posts from friends and your Groups, Pages for businesses, Groups for like interests, a Marketplace to buy and sell, Photo albums and more.

The web address is a very simple www.OldHippie.com

It works perfectly with computers, tablets and even smartphones.

The simple goal is to grow a small community of a couple thousand like minded individuals, their family, and their friends. There is no desire to be huge, to make money, to have a Gestapo moderation department apply a Double-Standard of “Community Standards”, or to collect and sell your private information.

If you’re looking for a social community that will not be looking over shoulder and over-aggressively moderating your free speech – then why not be part of our small community by registering, checking in a few times a week, and participating, Old Hippie’s Damn Face Book would like for you to join us.

Frankly I’m done with Facebook.

  • I’m tired of their stifling and punishment of speech that goes against the opinions of their leaders.
  • I’m tired of their heavily handed moderation
  • I’m tired of the sources they use to declare fake news
  • I’m tired of their promoting certain groups and pages — while hiding from the public others.
  • I’m tired of their collecting personal information and selling it to telemarketers

Many times I heard people say that they wished there was a Social Media site which, would have fair “Community Standards”. Well over the last few weeks I’ve created such a site with the same Look & Feel of Facebook, and with the same features. It’s a work in progress — but better than 90% complete and NOW ready for membership so I can test and quickly correct any issues which might pop up.

While I’m not stupid enough to feel that it would ever compete with Facebook — it still can serve a purpose for others like me, who are sick of Facebook’s heavy handed moderation of speech against their political agenda. If just a few thousand people with like interests joined to give it a chance, and then invite their family to do the same — there would be a very good group of people in a very good Internet Community.

So the favor I ask is for you to please visit & register at www.oldhippie.com and give it a honest & serious try for a week so I can see if it can be broken — and give me some feedback on what you think. Again, it is a virtual clone to Facebook with regards to the look and feel, with most of the same features in an identical configuration. There’s a Market Place, Groups, Pages, and much more. I actually have even more features — but I want to pace the release of those until what’s out there has been put under the pressure of a test. If you feel it is worthy, please invite your family and friends — especially those who are constantly in Facebook Jail — or had their profile removed.

Like forums — to reduce spam registrations are confirmed with an email with a link. If you don’t immediately receive an email — check your spam box — it will be there.

Welcome to my world….