Houston Astros Need to Hear Our Message

Don’t Watch the Astros on June 20th

Years ago, I stopped watching the Texans, Rockets and NASCAR for pushing their Woke shit down the throat of fans. Now MLB wants to jump in to force feed their fans the mental illness of Queer, Trans and Woke lifestyles.

I record and watch every Astros game (as I’d previously done for 40 years on the Rockets until the BLM Bullshit), and will continue to watch them for now as this isn’t the players – it’s Team Management following the demands of MLB.

I don’t want to hurt the Astros – but it would sure be nice if those fed up with all this Wokeness and DEI would not go to or watch the game on June 20th. When they see the stands only contain weird cross dressers and the TV ratings dropped like a lead balloon – they might get the message to slow down on promoting this sick agenda to our young and already brainwashed youth.

If you would like to take a step further my making a call, email or writing a diplomatic letter tell thecAstro Management of your feelings on pushing this on fans: CONTACT INFO Telephone: 713-259-8800. Fax: 713-259-8802. Email: SpecialEvents@astros.com. MAILING ADDRESS P.O. Box 288. Houston, TX 77001-0288

Please pass this along to other Astro Fans.

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