Not Your Father’s Military

I knew I’d go into the Military since about 7-8 years old. I enlisted 51 years ago during war time. When I was young, I was proud that my father and Uncles all served in the 49s and early 50s. In the 60s, my older foster brother and my older cousin enlisted rather than be drafted. At 16, I started the process of enlisting, so I’d be inducted as soon as I turned 17. Yes I was a high school dropout.

I was in relatively good shape because my childhood was spent outdoors playing baseball, walking long walks to where my friends lived, and riding a cheap single speed bike.

In school, we said the Pledge every morning, wore Poppy’s on Memorial Day and the American history taught to us dealt more with the hardships of the Revolutionary War, Civil War and Industrial Revolution – not that most everything was racist as it was invented by old White Guys. In Jr. High and High School I took Shop Classes and learned mechanical drawing, woodworking, machinery, safety, converting fractions to decimal and to be handy.

The difference between then and today is that Jimmy Carter rewarded the Communist Teacher’s Unions with the Department of Education. Now there is no shop class, no pledge, History is CRT/Woke with telling kids America is evil because it was founded by White guys. Kids are taught to hate America and those who serve in the Military. Kids are encouraged to be anything but Straight.

At home, these pencil-neck/toothpick-armed Soy Boys spend their days playing War on a video game – but would run away like scared little girls to a Safe Room if confronted with minimal danger. They’re not physically fit – and so the Military has to modify requirements for the physically weak. The Testosterone level is so weak in todays “Man” that the Military has modified itself for Rump Rangers and Trans. When I was young, most every man I knew had served in the military. Now less than 1/2% (one of 200) of men over 21 have served in the Military.

Granted, the military has become more high tech than the bullet stopper days I served in, and as such far fewer men are needed, but the men available to enlist are not the same that we, our fathers and grandfathers are/were.

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