Safe Stocks Paying High Dividends

Safe Stocks That Pay a Good Dividend

Since there is no such thing as bank interest anymore, we have created a long term thread in the forums with the goal of suggesting Safe Stocks that pay a high dividend. It is open to suggestions from anyone who pays attention to handling their own finances, and those who have realized that they had better start to pay attention.

You have to post your facts, and not just mention a stock. Give the Company name, symbol, copy and paste a 5-year chart, and post the dividend facts. An example might be AT&T.

T (AT&T)

you can see it hasn't really lost value when compared to the rest of the market over the last 5 years

Dividend Yield 5.16%
Quarterly Dividend 0.44
Ex-Dividend Date 4/5/12
Dividend Payable Date 5/1/12


With a little participation from those good with handling their personal finances, we might be able to come up with a real list of good investments and not get screwed by stock brokers churning for commissions.