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Governmental Theft

His Master’s Voice

I bought a little rechargeable blue tooth speaker to listen to my iTunes off my iPhone when by the pool.

Man this thing is incredible. Playing at 1/2 volume the music is crisp, the THD (total harmonic distortion) is too low for me to notice. I’ve gotten 5 hours play time and had my cell phone crap out before the speaker — so I don’t know how long it will last.

The above video was recorded on my iPad mic (which sucks), 5′ away from the speaker, outside, while the waterfall is going on at the pool. Then the sound quality is reduced further by Facebook compressing the video. Still — you can tell how good the quality must be after all of all that.

This would make a great birthday or Christmas gift for someone with an iPad, iPhone, iPad, or other blue tooth device.

Double Standard?

You Didn’t Build That

Electoral College Map

Do not take Obama for Granted — he’s kicking Romney’s ass in the Electoral College votes. Time to stop being apathetic — unless you don’t care if Obama is re-elected.

2008 Obama Voter Interviews Her Current Self

2008 Obama Voter Interviews Her Current Self

He Who Robs Peter to Pay Paul

can always count on the support of Paul

I’ll be watching the hurdle competition in the Olympics

I need to run the table next week to get a little closer to 1st

I Found an Old Kindergarten Photo of Me

Obama, Obama…

Its a Miracle!

Crippled man leaving welfare office is almost hit by a yellow Ford.

Please join me in requesting that the Ford be canonized as a healing Saint. Never under-estimate the power of a Ford!

My Favorite News Story From Last Week

71-year-old man had a surprise for a couple of brothers robbing an Internet Cafe in Ocala, Florida.

It’s a Miracle

America is no longer the Greatest

A Word From a Founding Father

Its Free – Swipe Your EBT

Get Your Free Cell Phone

Proud – Yet Also Ashamed

Welcome to Walmart Airlines

You better buckle up as it is going to be a strange trip!

The main reason I won’t fly coach is because I generally get seat between the above and below

The above and below scare the Hell out of me

Guess what kind of doctor Grandma’s grandson is?

and they haven’t quite figured out why this guy hasn’t gotten off the plane in the last 3 weeks — or why there is sickle as is checked baggage.