Gifting Solution

  • Do you need to buy a gift for someone that you feel is impossible to buy a good gift for?
  • Do you receive gifts that spend their lives on a closet shelf because it just doesn’t fit your lifestyle?
  • Do you hate to give or receive gift cards because they have a lack of thought, and often go unused?
  • Do you want to give and receive gifts that are really appreciated?

The most simple way to universally give and receive gifts that are appreciated is Amazon’s Wish List.

No one can beat Amazon for selection, price, shipping, and ease of shopping — and they have an excellent Wish List program. During the year add items you would like to have in all price ranges to your wish list as you think about it — or you’re shopping and bump into a kool item you’d like to have. Make it a habit to a couple of times a year (at least a month before Christmas and your birthday) to update and remove items you no longer want or need.

Then others buying the gifts can find your wish list based on your email address and purchase the items you actually want. As one of your wants are purchased, it is removed from the sight of others (so that it is not duplicated as a gift), but not from your view for a month (so you won’t be expecting it).

Start your own Wish List at Amazon tonight so those gifting you will buy the items you want, and check for a Wish List for those you will be gifting to. It really makes so much sense to both the gifter and giftee.