Camping World Sucks!!!

I’m done walking through their doors — at least after I pick up my generator and take somewhere else.

I swear — the last five or six times I’ve been down there I’ve walked back out completely dissatisfied and without what I came there for. Mostly simple items that they should stock — and that I’ve indeed found down the street from them.

Exactly a year ago I bought a portable suitcase sized Honda generator from the Katy, TX store for $1000 — and was talked into buying a 2-year extended service contract that would swap out my generator if something went wrong with it.

EU2000 companion 10-31-12LARGE

This item qualifies for Product Protection coverage! Protect Your Generator! Product Protection eliminates out-of-pocket expenses and protects against costly product repairs or replacement. We’ll cover 100% parts and labor for up to two years following the expiration of your manufacturer’s warranty. Warranty service is available at any Camping World location or at one of the 52,000 service centers across the U.S.

So I rarely use this generator — and have it as a backup for my motorhome when were on the road racing — but when I last tried to use it, the motor runs and the generator doesn’t work. On 5/2/13 I take it to the Camping World — and a Service writer by the name of Austin Goodwin asked me if I had an appointment. I tell him that it is less than two cubic feet in size — why would I need an appointment to drop it off? He takes it and tells me that they’ll look at it and call me that afternoon — but will most likely just swap it out.

I never get a call on 5/2, and so I called back on 5/6 and leave a voice mail. That call was never returned and on 5/9 I call and Austin tells me that their guy looked at it and can’t figure it out — and that I’ll need to pick up and take somewhere else. I remind him that not only does the Honda site list the Katy service center as an authorized Honda service center — but that they’d bent me over for and extended warranty — and that Camping World’s site says to take it there. He replied that the Internet is mistaken that they don’t repair Honda, and that I never had an appointment too bring it in the first place.

Don’t buy Honda generators and don’t buy from Camping World. They’re run by idiots and they lie (when selling extended warranties).