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A Photo is Worth 1000 Words

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We’ve been going through the MoparStyle team car web sites and updating the Look & Feel of them.

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Islam Now Owns the White House and CIA

This my be the most important video you have ever watched. Please share it.

Fun with Statues

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I’m just a lonely Boy

Jonesing for McNuggets

Rumor has it that this lady is the head web designer on the Obamacare web site

The Crook


JFK on the Rights of Man


Thank You For Your Application


This is how Liberals see Veterans.


This is how Liberals see Veterans. They feel that those who serve in the military are a special kind or crazy — and that’s why we wind up on their Watch Lists — because we’re not like them.

I’m Just a Poe Boy & Nobody Loves Me


Happy Veterans Day Terrorist



Affordable health care explained using boats – Affordable Boat Act

imageThe government has just passed a new law called: “The affordable boat act” declaring that every citizen MUST purchase a new boat, by April 2014. These “affordable” boats will cost an average of $24,000-$124,000 each. This does not include taxes, trailers, towing fees, insurance, fuel, docking and storage fees, maintenance or repair costs.

This law has been passed, because until now, typically only financially responsible and working people have been able to purchase boats. This new laws ensures that every American can now have a “affordable” boat of their own, because everyone is “entitled” to a boat.

In order to make sure everyone purchases an affordable boat, the costs of owning a boat will increase on average of 250-400% per year. This way, working taxpayers will pay more for something that other people don’t want or can’t afford to maintain. But to be fair, people who can’t afford to maintain their boat will be regularly fined and children (under the age of 26) can use their parents boats to party on until they turn 27; then must purchase their own boat.

If you already have a boat, you can keep yours (just kidding; no you can’t). If you don’t want or don’t need a boat, you are required to buy one anyhow. If you refuse to buy one, you will be fined until you purchase one or face imprisonment. For those that cannot afford one, they will get a free boat with a monthly check for all ownership costs listed above at taxpayer expense.

Failure to use the boat will also result in fines. People living in the desert, inner cities or areas with no access to lakes are not exempt. Age, motion sickness, experience, knowledge nor lack of desire are acceptable excuses for not using your boat.

A government review board will decide everything, including; when, where, how often and for what purposes you can use your boat along with how many people can ride your boat and determine if one is too old or healthy enough to be able to use their boat. They will also decide if your boat has out lived its usefulness or if you must purchase specific accessories, or a newer and more expensive boat. (Cash for Clunkers guidelines will be used).

Government officials are exempt from this new law. If they want a boat, they and their families can obtain boats free, at the expense of tax payers. Unions, special interest and major donors are also exempt.

If the government can force Americans to buy health care, they can force you to buy a boat….or ANYTHING else..

Yea…it’s that stupid…
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