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When a Girl Gets a Sex Toy

When a girl gets a vibrator, it’s seen as a bit of naughty fun. BUT,……when a guy orders a 240-volt Binford FuckMaster Pro 5000 blowup latex doll with 6-speed pulsating vagina, elasticized anus with non-drip semen collection tray, together with optimal built-in realistic orgasm scream surround sound system,  they call him a pervert!!

How can I refuse?

According to an email I received from a Nigerian prince, I have won a Kenyan Lottery! He is holding a MILLION DOLLARS and he wants to send it to me. All I have to do is give him my bank account number so he can transfer the money!


I don’t even remember entering a contest, how lucky can I get?

Then I received an email from another KENYAN prince, and he wants to give me FREE healthcare for life!


And all I have to do is give him my bank account number, MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER and MY CONFIDENTIAL HEALTH INFORMATION so he can make it happen! Am I lucky, or what?