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DO NOT TAKE FOR GRANTED that it is a “Slam Dunk” for the Republicans taking over the Senate. The Democrats have a big advantage over Republicans. First is Fraud. Illegals, multiple votes, machine rigging, dead people voting requires that Republicans have about 10% more votes (depending on area) than Democrats to be even. Then there’s the race baitors taking absentee ballots to the Hood and getting the black and Hispanic vote at a far higher percentage than would normally vote. They also are big on taking ballots to Nursing homes and Mental asylums and securing votes with scare tactics. The same is done at colleges. Women generally pay less attention to politics as a whole — and they’re being told that there is a war on women waged by Republican men. Too many will fall for it and vote for Democrats for no other reason.

On the other hand Republicans are horrible about going out the vote and voting in mid-term elections. We cannot survive another two years of a Democrat Senate working with Obama.

Most states have early voting going on today and tomorrow — and it is easy to search for a place close by you. It only takes minutes to do your duty. Please don’t stick your head in the sand and assume help is on the way — if you’re doing nothing. VOTE Republican today or tomorrow. If you don’t — at least vote next Tuesday. Be part of saving America — not dooming it!

If there was ever a post to share — it is this one!

BTW — a Special day for Democrats to vote has been set as November 5th. Pass it on.

Super Race Rig @ Clark Kent Price

image1 Custom Ordered and built to my Specs

I have ordered a new motorhome and stacker trailer and my current Silver Crown/Pony Express (in great condition) is now available for sale.


Walk around video of the outside

Walk around video of the inside

The motorhome is a 2009 Silver Crown (that I took delivery of in mid-2008), built on a new Coronado chassis. While most of the heavy duty truck based motorhomes are built on a Colombia, the Coronado is a big step up to the premium/heavy-duty Century class. Virtually everything was built over grade, and it is unlike any race rig you have seen. It runs every bit as good as when we picked it up from the factory. We have always given it the very best of care.

The motor is a 560 Detroit, with about 1200 pounds of torque. It will pull my loaded stacker up Kentucky mountains with the cruise control set at 70 – passing lesser big rigs like they’re stuck in mud. The transmission is the same Eaton 12-speed as most big trucks use, but it is computer shifted with an automatic clutch. There is no clutch pedal and it drives like an automatic — although it is technically a computer shifted standard. I have 110,000 miles on it, but it is made to go a million.

I just replaced the fluids in both differentials and the transmission with fresh synthetic gear oil. All other 100,000 mile service was also just completed. The tires were replaced with top of the line Michelins and the starter/solenoid was recently replaced. The coaches drives at least as good as it did the day I bought it. This is the last year that Cat regeneration and/or DEF wasn’t required.

The coach has three 13,500 AC units and a 12,500 Onan diesel generator that is serviced every other race. The inverter is a relatively new pure sine wave. I’ll include a rebuilt spare that I carry but don’t need since I upgraded the factory 4 gauge wiring to 00 gauge. There is a large & deep slide out for the galley/living and a slide out in the bedroom.

*Two tvs, 1 motion Dish satellite and home entertainment center.
*King sized bed and shower
*Stove, oven and microwave
*Black ultra leather walls, black lava tile floor and maple cabinetry
*Bigfoot leveling jacks
*Nav system
*Cobra night watch CB
*Black ultra leather J lounge, recliner and Bostom air seats
*Ceramic oblong toilet, electric flush and electronic overfill protection
*New Burgundy blinds
* Jacknife Sofa sleeper and King sized sleeper over extended height cab
*100 gallons fresh, 40 ea gray and black
*200 fuel
*The ultra leather needs to be recovered as it is flaking from either being defective or my maid cleaned it with some chemical not made for it. Plenty of time over the winter to have recovered.
*The roof was cleaned, scraped, 20 tubes of dicor applied and Uv coated last year.
*Electric awning with wind sensor
*Electric heater and propane furnace
*Corian counter, sinks, and table top
*polished stainless lower exterior
*two rear cameras for rearview and easy trailer hookup
Only physical damage is a bent corner on front bumper

Silver Crown Stacker Trailer is 30′ Long, 102″ exterior, 100′ interior width. Extended height for two full size cars.
*Triple 7000 air suspension axles
*Walk on roof with hatch and ladder
*Heavy duty 8′ attic
*Closet and work bench
*Upper and lower cabinets
*Solid lift with lighted underside
*Electric rear tall ramp door with 36″ extensions
*Superwinch 4500
*Rubber coin floor
*Double side doors with security padlock
*24′ electric awning
*rear camera
*Docking flood lights
*Pit flood lights
*New G-Rated Goodyears on HD aluminum wheels
*6000# Tongue Jack
*Polished lower exterior

Brand new trailer brakes (backing plates, magnets, shoes, hardware) inner/outer bearings, seals and high temp red grease done on all six wheels in June. Both stacker and motorhome have the high dollar Dometic LA03 24′ power awnings found only on high end coaches.

Lots of options not found on most other race rigs. This rig was over built. No Mechanical problems known.

It would cost about $500,000 to order a new one just like this.

Seller Phone Number: 713-899-7704

Click the photos below to see larger versions

2014 National Finals – Sponsor Report


Sponsor Report

Dave Schultz – October 14, 2014

Dave Schultz Wins 2014 Championship for Nostalgia Super Stock

NMCA Champion Ring
Ring Awarded to the Champion at PRI in December

The 2014 NMCA Racing Season ended this past weekend at the World Finals in Indy. It went down to the third round of the season’s last race for me to clinch the the Championship for NSS — by a mere 10 points.

The NSS Class is one of the most difficult classes to compete in. Over 100 NSS cars compete in the class and most have raced for 10+ years in the same car. There were 28 NSS cars competing at Indy, with three (Doug Duell, Barry Dorn, and myself) still having a shot at the Championship. I came into the race 55 points behind the leader Barry Dorn. I had to either go one round further than Barry — or Qualify in the Top 5 with him qualifying 20 or lower. Doug had to have Barry and I go out by the second round, and he would have to win the event for him to once again be the Champ.

Lots of Drama and stress in this race for all of us.

None driving to the track, as we left Tuesday morning and arrived Wednesday evening without incident. Friday we set up pits and Tech’d in the cars. I had decided to replace my 33″ slicks with 31″ — but had no idea what the car would do with that change or the cold wet weather. I figured I’d need to squeeze in two Time Trials during the open session from 9AM to 1PM to figure it out.

I got in line at 9:30 (to allow a little heat get into the very cold track) — and was the first in the .500 Sportsman tree lanes as I’d gotten there just as they cleared it. I waited an hour (Barry Dorn in back of me) as they tried to empty out the perpetually growing other four lanes. The True Street cars were shutting the track down for Liquid about every other pass. Then the rain came and they closed the track at 11AM for the day!

Also increasing the stress was that my father (well in his 80s and in failing health) was in the hospital having Emergency Surgery for a pacemaker. By Saturday — I found out all was well and he was resting comfortably.

Saturday it was announced that there would be no Time Trials — going right to Qualifying — and that there would be only two instead of three of those!

Dallas (Coronet) & Dave (wagon) in 2nd Round Qualifying
Dallas (Coronet) & Dave (wagon) in 2nd Round Qualifying

In the First Qualifying I threw all of the weight I could fit in/on the car — and ran a 9.88 on the 9.75 Index I declared as a wild guess. Doug ran a 9.501 on a 9.50 index — and Barry was like 3/10 slow off his Index. Barry found a broken ground strap on a spark plug and replaced it, and I took off/out 140 pounds from my car.

So many NSS drivers were pissed over the no Time Trials and having to guess an Index — that they beat a fiery path to Race Control to complain. After much consternation, NMCA allowed the Index racers to re-declare their Index before second round of qualifying — and said they’d TRY to give us a third Qualifying (if time permitted). In the second round Doug was again DNO (Dead Nuts On), Barry was again slow and pinging, and I ran too far in the other direction with a 9.66 on my 9.75 Index.

I really needed for there to be a third round of Qualifying if I was to be able to get the points to have to not have to go one more round than Barry. Drivers were oiling down the track and wrecking — and it was really looking bad for a 3rd qualifying. However at about 6PM they announced that we’d get it, but would then have to hot lap back for a first round of Eliminations. Barry again had found a broken spark plug ground strap. Mike Dichicco felt like he was too lean and detonating for the break — so he rejetted and rodded Barry’s carbs for him. (Thanks Mike!)

In that third round I did a 9.75 with a 6 and rocketed from #17 to #5 in Qualifying. Barry went too fast and broke out (his problem now fixed) and qualified 20th. This now gave me a 10 point lead instead of previous 55 point deficit. They did call it a day after our third round of Qualifying — as the track was cold and dangerous. Eliminations were Scheduled to begin at 9AM Sunday. We both drew very tough first round of Eliminations competitors.

I’ve had this Championship on my bucket List since 2008 — and the Ring has been my computer’s screen saver since early 2008. I’d had a chance to win the Championship in 2012 — but bad luck with the ladder (I got two tough drivers while the other two each had a broke bye and a rookie in their first two rounds) and bad light squashed my dream. While I tried to be positive — I was so afraid of choking.

In the first round Barry was ahead of me in the lanes, and Dallas was ahead of him. I watched Dallas take too much stripe and breakout, then Barry’s guy also breakout. The weather was obviously better than people were thinking. Pressure on me! I ran a 9.752 on my 9.75 Index and my competitor was pushed out with a 10.49 on a 10.50 Index. I was still in the game.

For the second round we again had two of the toughest guys left – mine being a little tougher. Again Barry was ahead of me, and his guy red lights. I’m thinking — Damn I can’t shake him. My guy also Red Lights — pushing the tree after seeing I’d run a 9.752 the round before. Doug won his round — but he ran out of chances with Barry and I still in.

The third round had DiChicco in the other lane — and Barry also having a tough but also same Index car. This time I was ahead of him in the lanes. Dichicco was running DNO and having good lights — so I bumped in a little deeper than usual for a better light. I went .006 RED. My heart sunk as I was motoring down the track — I’d once again choked on winning the Championship. When I got back to my pit, Dallas told me that Barry had also gone (.020) RED. The Championship was mine. Doug also went out in the third round for those keeping track.

DiChicco and I in a Heads up Race. I went .006 Seconds Red (grrr)
DiChicco and I in a Heads up Race. I went .006 Seconds Red (grrr)

I went to the tower to get my check. They verified that my math was indeed correct — and that I was the new Champ. One more off the bucket list.

All in All it was a pretty good year. I runner up at the First race, won my second Wally in Joliet, and Dallas won his first Wally at Norwalk. It is so good to have cars with the chassis and motors running right! The only real bummer is that NHRA has decided to drop its partnership with the NMCA — and at the awards ceremony (December at PRI) I won’t get the Big Wally the previous Champs received. Kinda petty for them to pull it now instead of finishing the year out! I was a supporter of the NHRA — but they just lost me.

We left the track at about 5PM Sunday and drove through Horrible storms (especially in Arkansas!) — getting back to Houston at 3PM Monday.

I’d like to thank Royal Purple, Mancini, TTI Exhaust, and Fuel Labs for their product sponsorship of our team. I’m sure hoping this Championship will keep them supporting our team and that we can pick up a few more (Need shocks, tires, brakes, torque converter, Holley carbs, NSS Intake, fuel…) as running two cars (with the closest track 900 miles away) is very expensive.

We are committed to run the series again in 2015 — and Hopefully Dallas and I can be one and Two. I just threw down a half million dollars for a new race rig — and so I have a Superman rig at a Clark Kent Price if anyone is interested.

Last Trip for this Race Rig. For Sale - Excellent Condition
Last Trip for this Race Rig. For Sale – Excellent Condition