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Kreepy Ass Kracker


I’m Just A Bill

If you like your yardman — you can keep your yardman


Texas Health Insurance Increase 17.13%


So I have to earn $3,000 to have the after tax dollars to pay my monthly health insurance. I get no subsidy — but I might be paying yours!

Now time to replace RINOs


Starting right now for 2016, we need to find electable Conservatives and Libertarians to replace the worst 15 RINOs running in 2016. They need to take the pledge to pass Term Limitations — as it is the best way to reduce Political corruption.

Old Hippie’s Gift Shop Updated

10407710_875341042500463_2410187857952257311_n 1,000s of kool gift items at

It was Obama’s Fault!


That Warm Feeling

10421498_720773627991579_3247101479421593045_nThat warm feeling was running down his leg this time.