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Milan Recap

Pop & Pup's Milan Recap

We left the shop at 9am in Richmond, TX on Wednesday, and drove the 700+ miles to Jackson, TN for the night. On the road again at 8am Thursday morning we hooked up with Doug Duell in Louisville in the afternoon. After dinner in a truck stop north of Dayton, OH; and we made it to the track's staging area late Thursday night.

Recapping my season thus far, I started off running the Vitamin C, and ran great at Bradenton, FL — Qualifying #1, but getting pushed back in the Semis of Eliminations for 6 drops of clean water. Back home we pulled the motor and replaced a freeze plug in one of the heads that had a pin hole leak. In Atlanta I qualified well — but went -.002 red in the first round of Eliminations. I found out I had an E-Coli infection just before the Maryland race — and I only went there to qualify the car with one pass (to not lose bonus points) — but decided to run all of the Qualifying and Eliminations once there. The car ran well in Qualifying, but on Sunday morning it was strangely 1/10 off in the first round of Eliminations. Back home Dallas found the timing off a little and we attributed that to be the problem. Still hurting from E-Coli, we went to the race in Joliet. The car was running slow in the two Time Trials, and I had to unbolt every ounce of extra weight to get it to run the number in the second Time Trial. In the first round of Eliminations, the car ran the number — but the motor didn't sound right so I shut it down after I crossed the line. After towing it back to the pits, we found water coming out of the number 3 spark plug hole. Pulling the heads found water seeping in the #3 cylinder. Obviously this was the problem in Maryland, and this was my third first round loss. Back home we found the block was not repairable (for racing) and a search began for a good 426 Max-Wedge block. I had surgery 10 days before the Dave Duell Classic in Bowling Green, but I couldn't miss this race as it is my favorite. Dallas couldn't come to this race — so I ran his car, which I last ran in 2006 before making it a NSS car for Dallas to run. I won class for A/NSS on Saturday — but lost a close race in the 1st round of Eliminations against Donnie Wilson for the Big Show on Sunday. Since I was so far back in the points (10th of 81), I decided to start running the Texas Whale the rest of the year to work the bugs out of this completely new race car. So the Whale was in the trailer for Milan, along with the black Coronet that Dallas runs.

The track opened at 10AM, and we were pitted, had established credentials, and teched the cars in by 1PM. At 3PM I ran my first pass and the car was a little slow because of a bad burnout.

For the second (and last Time Trial) at 5PM, I made a adjustment to the shocks settings, launched lighter, and change my shift points a little. That got me a little closer to my 10.0 Index.

 That put me to where I wanted to be. The first round of Qualifying was to be at 7PM. I put 60 pounds in the car to compensate for the .05 too fast and the anticipated weather change. We wound up sitting in the staging lanes for a lot longer than I had planned for as the temperature dropped — and was about 5 pounds too light to not break out.

Pulling onto the trailer — the car sounded like Hell. Fast forward an hour and we found all of the Torque Converter bolts loose. Further, the flexplate was hosed. So at 2AM — the transmission was finally out of the car, and the flexplate unbolted.

At 7AM I am running around the pits looking for a Flexplate. Never found one, so when Mancinni Racing opened at 10AM, I ordered a plate, the crank/converter bolts, and had a friend in Detroit (thanx Doc) bring them to the track. I missed the 2nd Qualifying at 10AM. By 2PM, we threw in the towel because the transmission side snout on the converter was chewed up (indicating I needed a transmission bushing/seal) and the crank side snout on my replacement converter wasn't milled properly for my crankshaft. So the car was put on the trailer.

Dallas qualified #13 of 21, and ran Barry Camp in the first round, and Barry bested him. Doug Duell had a better than 300 point lead — but was also knocked out in the first round. The 2nd in Points (Steve Wilson), 3rd (Kurt Neighbor), and 4th (Doug Poskevitch) all advanced through both the second round and into the Semis — where Kurt ran Steve, and Doug had the bye. Poskevitch and Neighbor met in the finals — with Neighbor winning the Wally. Now you can throw a blanket over 1st through 4th, with Neighbor now most likely in the lead. The double–points finals in Indy ought to be very interesting.

On the way home, we dropped the Whale off at Doug Duell's chassis guy in Evansville. He'll deal with the transmission/converter, change the gears from 4.86 to 4.57, fix the brakes, weld on some tie down loops, and align the front end  — as he had an immediate opening and was on our way home, and then again back to Indy.

All in all, the Whale drove well and has far fewer wrinkles than most brand new race cars. While I'm disappointed in not making it to Eliminations — I'm not disappointed in the car. It feels very comfortable to drive and I think I'll be running it in the FX Indexes next year.

While I have no chance for the Championship in 2011 — I intend to be a spoiler at Indy with this car, and make a hard run for the ring with it in 2012. For Sale

First off, please don’t confuse the Nostalgia Drag Racers web site with the NSS Racing web site. They are different sites. The below is what is posted at Nostalgia Drag Racers


I originally created this web site to have news and forums for all class of Nostalgia Drag Racing. However, while Nostalgia Super Stockers participated — I couldn’t really personally find others interested Nostalgia Funny Cars, Nostalgia Muscle Car, Gassers, Diggers, Slingshots, etc.

As such, I’ve redesigned the forums to cater primarily to the NSS crowd, and likewise will focus on the NSS Racing web site.

I’m going to put up this domain and web site for sale. The first $2500 gets the domain name transferred to them (I think there’s 8 year left before renewal for $9 a year at Southern Star Hosting), the hosting account with a MySql database at Big Kahuna Hosting for 12 months ($150 a year there after), and a complete backup of the web site on a CD-Rom. The site is very easy to maintain without knowing a lick of programming code. All of the hard work has been done.

Optionally, I’ll make all of the changes you want on a per hour charge — including adding a forum if that’s what you want.

This site offers an excellent opportunity for banner and eBay revenue for an industrious person interested in soliciting sponsors and advertisers.

If after 60 days I’ve not sold this domain/web site — I will delete the site and forward it to If you are interested, please use the contact link to contact me.

My Dave Duell Classic Report

Dave's Report From the Dave Duell Classic

I won A/NSS Class


The following is a report on my racing at the NSS racing at the Dave Duell Classic last weekend. A couple of product sponsors ask for a report after every major event, and so I'll also include it on this forum.


I'd had major surgery less than two weeks prior, and this wasn't exactly sanctioned by my surgeon, but the Dave Duell Classic is the very best of all Nostalgia Super Stock events – so I couldn't miss it. This was complicated further with my son (and Crew Chief) Dallas not being able to attend the event because he was in the wedding party of a high school bud. He generally shares the driving of the rig, and maintaining both of our cars. I had blown the motor in the Vitamin C in the last race, and the block was too far gone to be rebuilt as a race motor. So I decided to drive the black 65 Coronet that Dallas normally runs in C/FX. It had been over five years since I'd driven this car, and never with this motor, or a since being converted to a NSS car.

I left home on Tuesday at about 11AM with my wife Deb, youngest daughter Hope, and both dogs (Buster and Dixie) for the 940 mile trip. I drove about 700 miles before pulling into a Wal-Mart for the night. In the morning, I woke up to find Memphis car poolers blocked me front, back, and street side.

After negotiating out of the parking lot and getting back onto the road, I arrived at the track in Bowling Green, KY at 3PM Wednesday to meet Doug Duell at the gate. I tried to help Doug with marking the pit spots, but at 109 degrees that soon after surgery — I was overcome by the heat.

This was in the shade – under a row of trees.

It was hot the entire event — and most likely what had so many of the 74 cars that pre-registered not show. Last year 84 cars came to the Dave Duell Classic — but the change of venue from St. Louis to Bowling Green, heat, and a competing race the same weekend trimmed the field to about 60 NSS cars. Just the same — the event lived up to its reputation as the best NSS race that there is.

I was originally going to run the car in a sub-10-second FX class, but the heat was getting to me so much, and I was having such a problem getting in and out of the car — I decided to run the 10.0 class so I could wear a lighter and cooler driver's suit. On the first time trial, I found that the tach wasn't working — so the event was spent launching by feel and shifting by ear. I only took two time trial passes Friday as I was not feeling well from the heat.

In the first round of Qualifying I went too fast with a 9.916.

I threw some more weight in the car for the second Qualifying, and was still too fast with a 9.949

For the 3rd Qualifying, I threw some more weight at the car and got into the show with a 10.03.

Saturday was Class Eliminations Day, with the first round of Eliminations also being the last round of Qualifying. A/NSS was the second largest class, and to win you had to win four rounds. I was Qualified at #32 with a 10.03 on a 10.00 Index — but I felt like I needed to win Class more than worry about improving my Qualifying position. I had Bud Cochran in the first round. He red lit, which was good for me as I shifted from 1st right to 3rd — missing the 2nd gear detent on my shifter.

My next round was against Mike Moss — one of the toughest there is. We pretty much left together and stayed with each other all of the way down the track — both lifting at the line and crossing it in a photo finish. My better light had him break out by just a hair more.

Of the three remaining for the third round, I'd had the best reaction time in the second round — and received the Bye. I managed to not blow up the car.

The final round had me matched up against Al Corda — about as tough as it gets. It was starting to cool down, so I took a little weight out of the car. Al had a better light, but I had started to pass him at the 1/8. I had a couple of feet on him at the 1000' and dragged the brake a little to just put a fender on him. I didn't see my win light — and started to wonder if I'd screwed up since his Dart has its front tires closer to the front of the car than on my Coronet — but I did win Class for A/NSS. Both races between Mile and Al were very close and exciting (at least to me) — and I slept well knowing I went up against to of the best and came out on top (for that day).

The Driver's Dinner had started by the time I parked the car and we made the golf cart ride to the tent where it was being held. It was another excellent Driver's Dinner with some cool swag being handed out. We were told that we had to be at the line by 8:15 Sunday morning for the Big Show. It was about midnight before the car was safely put away, and I hit the rack. I was up at 5:30 AM, but all for naught as the weather wasn't looking good. I put a charger on the car — but left it in the trailer. The rain finally hit at about 8AM, and it was noon before the first round. My poor qualifying position drew me the #3 Qualifier of Donnie Wilson — another tough NSS racer. Donnie got to leave a second earlier, and I left with my worst light of the week. I caught Donnie and thought I was going to breakout — and gave Donnie the stripe. Bad move on my part.

We were packed up, showered, and driving out the gate at 2:30PM. I drove as far as Hope, AR at midnight — and pulled over for a nap as I was dead tired. Up at 6:00 and on the road at 6:30 — I was back at the shop in Houston at 3PM, and by 5PM the car was unloaded, rig cleaned and parked, and I was plopped down in front of my computer to answer a week's worth of email.

Dave in Bowling Green 2011

There is a thread with the posting from quite a few NSS drivers at the Dave Duel Classic — along with 100+ photos.

That's my story — and I'm sticking to it.

Build It and They Will Come

The NSS Racing Forums are Ready For You!

Since I was confined to rest after surgery, it was a good time to upgrade to a better board of forums for NSS Racers (many of the reasons explained on the board) from all over the country to get together to compare notes and swap lies. I spent three solid days of my time, and several hundreds of dollars to put together what I feel to be a pretty nice place to promote NSS Racing to the outside world — and provide some comradery for NSS Racers.

The web address is pretty easy to remember:

Once there, you're going to see a collection of forums to discuss NSS topics, NSS Events, and technical questions & answers concerning NSS Cars. There is also one off-topic forum for the occasional less controversial off-topic conversations. Finally in the forums, there are the classified ads. You will note that at the top of the page there is an index of the last 15 topics, consolidated from all of the forums — but you can ignore that (if you wish) and slide down to just the categories that interest you.

Under the index, you will see a random selection of five NSS cars selected from the "Staging Lanes". Each viewing of the main Forums page should give you a different selection of the member's cars. You are encouraged to add your car to the Staging Lanes. It takes about 5 minutes to add your car, and a couple of the digital photos of it from your computer. You can also upload the car's best time slip if you wish.

While on the subject of photos, each member (and membership is not only free, but quick and easy) has the ability to upload up to a total of 100 NSS related photos into a number of photo albums. For instance you can have an album with some photos of building the car, and album with track photos of the car, and an album of pit party photos from one of the events. Once these photos are in your albums — they can easily be posted in your posts with a simple Copy & Paste. I'll pay for the server hosting and bandwidth — I just ask you keep the photos NSS related.

Another feature of the Board are the calendars. Each member has a private calendar that he can use as a personal calendar — and he has access to a Public calendar to list (and give information on) NSS race events. These events listed in the Public calendar are displayed at the bottom of the board's Index page starting 90 days prior to the event starting, and disappear after the event. Now members can simply add their own events instead of having to email me to add them.

Back to the forums, one of better features over the old Pro Bards I use to use — is WYSIWYG posting. That means What you see is what you get. You can literally copy and paste posts including photos and links, without having to use code like url and img — like we had to on the old board. I also have total control over your registration information, and you can trust me to keep it private. I don't believe that was the case when we were using the Pro Boards forum. I own the software license, I own the server, and only I (currently — but I'm looking for Admin and Moderator help) have access to the information. I will not give, sell, or lease this information short of the FBI beating down my door with a warrant — should a member go crazy.

On the subject of help — I will be looking for two moderators (who visit daily) to help me keep the forums clean and spam-free; and one assistant administrator with a little computer savvy to help with the more complex duties of the board — and be a backup to me if something should happen. We'll get more into that a month or so down the road.

Using the board is easy, and the FAQ link in the Navbar of the board has the answer to just about any question you might have using the forums. There is a Help/Suggestion forum to ask questions if you can't find the answer in the Frequently Asked Questions — and I'll update the FAQ after answering. Should you have a registration problem — click the contact link at the bottom and tell me about it — and we'll get you fixed up. There should be no excuse why every NSS Racers isn't registered and participating.

There is something called Social Groups. Any member can create a social group of any interest he feels other members might have — and they can have their own little board for discussing those topics. You can make this Social Group Private or Public, and have any member join or have it be by your invitation only. I can envision someone creating and administering to a Christian social group, or a Social Group for a Regional group of NSS Racers, or an interest like politics (I'd narrow the focus to Conservative, Liberal, Libertarian, Socialist, …), motorcycles, photography, or guns. Any reasonable Social Group (and I would consider hate or porn to not be reasonable) can be created and administered by a member. Each member can administer up to five Social Groups — but start with just one to get your feet wet.

Another feature is a Profile Page that you can customize into your own personal web page. There is a lot of flexibility with look, feel, and colors — so give it a shot.

 Please don't just be a stalker — but jump in there and participate. It doesn't make you a geek! I have no ulterior motives in building this board, or the home site to it. My only goal is to simply promote NSS racing to the public (more fans), event promoters (more races and bigger purses), potential NSS racers (more and younger drivers to carry on); and to create a virtual Pit where NSS Racers can get together and discuss the types of things we generally discuss in our Physical pits. We don't need a Mexican Standoff where everyone waits for others to post before they feel the board is worthy of their post — we need leaders to get the ball rolling so the followers jump in. This is not just the best place for Nostalgia Super Stock Racers to gather on the Internet — it is really the only place. Build it, and they will come! OK — I've done my job building it — now it is time for y'all to check it out and participate. Together we can better promote the finest class of drag racing to the world.

Thank you for reading this. Please pass it along to other NSS Racers.

Dave Schultz



Plus 1

+1 interface

Have you been visiting web sites that have the +1 logo — and wonder what that is all about? The below link explains some of it.

Fact is that Google is going to own the Internet. I’m not a fan of their politics — but I can’t ignore the facts. On Friday their Stock price rose $75 per share in one day after they released their 2 quarter earnings. Trust me — you will be assimilated, do not resist

  • They have the best and most used search engine
  • They now own You Tube
  • All web masters use their Web Master Tools
  • They now own the biggest email program with Gmail
  • They own Picasa — while will dominate all free photo hosting
  • They’re big into the cloud — and have an area (Documents) to host all of your computer’s files — so that any computer anywhere is now your computer
  • They have a popular on-line calendar which is making Outlook obsolete, so many years after Outlook made Sidekick obsolete
  • It has the strongest on-line contacts manager that interface with all smart phones
  • Their browser has a chance of becoming the next big deal
  • They own the on-line banner advertising market
  • Now they’ve decided to take on Facebook, and do to them what Facebook did to MySpace. Google X (currently by invitation only while in Beta) looks like it will be the Facebook killer. While I’m sure Facebook will incorporated the Circle of Rings feature — Google will ultimately crush them.

In a nutshell — they have become the next Microsoft. Their stock price has gone from $300 a share to $600 a share in the last year. Price targets say it will hit $800 by the end of the year.

One of the reasons that Google will own the internet — is that all of the things describes above, and a whole lot more, is consolidated into one log in and one big personally customizable (Google X will handle that) portal with integrated email, social networking, photos, videos,….. Sure Yahoo tried to do this — but Google has succeeded.

So what does all of this have to do with the +1 button you are beginning to see everywhere? Well if you have a Google account (for Gmail, picasa, web master tools, adaware…. which are the same log in) — then if you click the +1 icon it will get associated with your +1 page, which is now on Google X — but will also soon be linkable elsewhere. You can have that page as Private as your personal links area for shortcuts to your favorite site on any computer, or have it public to let other know of your favorite sites. Actually you can do a combination of both. It also is a brownie point for that site — and when enough are collected, it will affect positioning in searches.

So If you have a Google account for Gmail (or anything else) and you see the +1 icon on a site you like — just click it and you will bookmark it for yourself on your on-line +1 page, and you’ll help the site attract more visitors.

It’s a heartache – Bonnie Tyler

On of my favorite sounds is Bonnie Tyler’s “Its a Heartache” from the late 70s. I listen to about 10 songs every night to go to sleep — and this is on one of the play lists.

She actually had a real sweet voice as a singer until she had radical surgery on her vocal cords. She was ordered to not speak for 6 weeks — but accidentally scream out of frustration — forever giving her that raspy quality to her voice. She thought her career was over — but was talked into try to cut a song “Its a Heartache”, and became a Cult Classic.