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Gone Galt

My tax Return is finally completed for 2018. It is 83 pages long. I consider myself to be a fairly smart guy in finance — but I can barely understand all of the means testing I’m screwed from deductions on and bending me over for the Alternative minimum tax because regular taxing isn’t good enough. I have no income — just live off savings and yet paid 6-digits in taxes for the year from interest, dividends and Day Trading stocks. The CPA/Tax Preparing lobby has to be pretty damn strong to make a retired man in his mid 60s file a 83 page return.

Tell me don’t live in a socialized society! You’d have a stroke if you knew all I’ve paid in sales taxes from big ticket items like motorhomes and truck/cars; property taxes on two homes; highway taxes from the plates on cars, trucks, trailer, motorcycles and motorhome. Easily a 50% tax rate. This is why I “went Galt” years ago. Moochers elect Looters to steal for Producers. I stopped being a producer in 1998 and sold my business as I was growing tired of the government beating up of the producer who provided jobs for 100s of people and paid their health insurance, FICA, Federal and State Unemployment taxes; I spent millions every year with local vendors and I had to bend over for frivolous lawsuits and government regulations.

This country is heading down the wrong path by penalizing the guy who studied, risked all and busted his ass – only to reward Free Loaders with free Medical, no taxes, Lonestar Cards, and the rest of the gifts used to get elected and reelected.

Rant Off!