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Should Jerry Nadler Be Arrested?

For Senior Abuse after forcing the Senile Dirty Cop Bob Mueller to testify to Congress?

It was obvious that the mind of Robert Mueller is bout as sharp as a basketball. More than 50% of the time he had to have the question re-asked. He refused to answer over 200 questions from the Republicans. He had to have the Democrats refer to page and paragraph before he could answer their questions – as he couldn’t remember answers to the most simple of questions.

Mueller appears to be senile and have other mental problems, and was merely the face that the Deep State used to legitimize the Trump character assignation they spent two years cooking up.

Patsy For The Deep State

Today we learned that the Deep State used Mueller to legitimize their investigation & report in an attempt to crucify Trump.

Mueller’s testimony made it obvious that he wasn’t running any investigation and he didn’t have any input into the report that he signed. Rosenstein, who was a big player in the Deep State, appointed Dirty Cop Mueller to sit in an office and give legitimacy to their process of character assignation. Mueller was happy to stay ignorant and collect his millions.

End of story