Buyers To Give Sellers a 1099 After January 1st

Private Sellers To Pay Taxes on Private Stuff They Sell

A stipulation built into Obamacare is that anything that anyone sells for more than $600 after January 1st will required the buyer to send the seller and the IRS a 1099 and the seller claim it on his taxes.

While many feel like this might get repealed — now might be the best time to sell the junk laying around the house, which might be useful to others.

It is estimated that the average home has $25,000 (resale value) worth of stuff laying around their home that they’ll never again use.

Get a roll of masking tape and tag stuff just collecting dust to get an idea what’s around your house — then list it for free at:


List with photos (free) at a reasonable price and you will quickly turn your junk into cash for you and treasure for another.

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