NMCA Legal 12-Second NMC Car

12 Second Dodge Aspen For Sale

NMC Legal for NMCA Racing


I built this car for my daughter to race in the Nostalgia Muscle Car class of NMCA, but her job and later a marriage didn't leave her any time to race. It has maybe 20 passes on it since completed.

It is a very solid and safe race car that goes as straight as a string. It was way over built to be low maintenance and run in the 12.0 index of NMC. I offer it for a quick sale of $10,000. I have over $20,000 and 600 hours in it. It is ready to race and win right now — and needs nothing.

ABOVE VIDEO: The car had a 408 put in it for one event — where it ran high 10s. This first pass was 11.1. I have a newly built pump gas 408ci Street/Strip motor for sale — and can put it in the car if you're looking to go mid/high 10s. Engine is $7500 upgrade. It is new and Diamondback Engines was selling them for $8995.



408 Aluminum Magnum Head motor above or 408 Aluminum Performer Head below. $7500 upgrade installed — either for the same price. I keep the 360.






Video of showing my daughter how to do a 2nd to 3rd gear burnout with the 360 currently in the car

For Sale




The chassis is properly set up with a Mopar Performance proven recipe using SS Springs and off-set shackles. The car hooks very well. The engine is a mild Mopar Performance recipe 360, which we ran with a mixture of 1/3 Sunoco blue and 2/3 octane — or straight 104 octane. A-Body 8 3/4" with Moser spool and alloy axles, and 4.10 Richmond race gears. New slicks with 2 passes on them. Manual reverse valve body 727, PTC 9" convertor, and CSR carbon fiber trans-shield.

For Sale

For Sale

Full complement of Autometer gauges, including fuel pressure. Cheatah shifter with line lock. Wilwood style aluminum master cylinder. Header evacs. The K-frame, trunk pan, and both sides of the floor boards were stripped and painted with POR15. The underside of the car was cleaned every couple of races. Braided steel fuel lines from cell to the engine compartment.

Only time slip I can find — but its gone faster. With a 408 for a weekend, it did a 10.6 with a 1.48 60'


clean, and rust-free underside that has been painted in POR15 for easy cleaning. Note sub-frame connectors, driveshaft loop, deep transmission pan, …



Cleaned to bare metal before paint

Cleaning the underside to bare metal

Cleaning the underside to bare metal

Engine compartment cleaned, primed, and painted. K-Frame painted in POR15.






Old Interior removed, floors taken to bare metal and POR15


For Sale



Shifter recently changed to Cheatah


Driver's seat adjustable for drivers 6' 4" to 5' 4".

It would take at least $20,000 and 600 hours to get a rust-free car, cage it, sub-frame connect it, scrape and POR15 it, set up the chassis, put in a long lasting and dependable drivetrain, use all of the quality electrical/ignition parts, wheels and tires, spool/axel/race gears/springs, and paint it to look and perform as well as this car — or you can plop down $10Grand and race tonight. My sacrifice is your bonus if you're the one to jump on this car.