I Was The Inspiration For OC & Stiggs

National Lampoon’s OC & Stiggs

I was a subscriber of National Lampoon back in the 70s and 8os. When the October 1982 issue arrived, it contained first person account of fictional characters OC and Stiggs — titled “The Utterly Monstrous Mind-Roasting Summer of O.C. and Stiggs”.

When I read this story I knew that someone had written the story of my friends and I in the year 1972, just prior to my enlisting and reporting to basic training. I had dropped out of school the year before — and lived a life that mirrors OC and Stiggs so closely that someone I know must have submitted the idea. Then again, Al Gore thought “Love Story” was written about his life prior to Inventing the Internet.

Anyway, if you want to read the funniest story ever published in National Lampoon, almost 30 years after it first appeared — then click here.

If you saw the movie — forget everything you saw in it. It sucked and the story is far funnier.

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