Let me spell that out. One hundred forty five million, six hundred thousand dollars.

That is the amount the average college receives of our tax dollars to have tenured teachers like the Communist William Ayers to pollute the minds of our kids — or for a child molesting assistant football coach to get a personal on-campus office for life — with a big lifetime pension. We’re pissing away tax dollars to fulfill Liberal objectives.

Joe Paterno’s annual pension after being fired is in the 6-digits! What a deal!

Yet — I still had to pay over $350,000 to send my daughter to Baylor for 5 years, or these kids saddle themselves with college loans that they’re never going to repay — for degrees on studies that are worthless to society.

The tens of Billions in taxes going to colleges need to stop right now; college loans should not be guaranteed, and have limits; and parents need to be selective on how they spend their money. Until we do so — we’ll have queer and communist teachers polluting the impressionable minds of our kids with useless (unless you’re studying for the destruction of a Capitalist Society) crap, and making them feel so damn entitled. Look at the whole Occupy Wall Street deal with these kids.

It is ruining America. Not everyone is entitled to a college education. If you can’t work your way through college, your parents can’t afford it, and you never prepared yourself to excel for a sports or academic schlorship — tough shit. This is not a God Given right, and you need to earn it.

Frankly, I’m sick and tired of the way politicians spend the money that isn’t theirs — while they at the same time profit from their corrupt insider stock trading and graft.