Bah-Rock’s Tweets

Over on the Chairman Obama Forums, there is a “Harrison J. Bounel” tweet thread with satire tweets. Click to view that thread. The below is one of hundreds of examples:

We jogged on over to Maryland in Marine One to watch Chelle’s brother’s team, the Oregon State Beavers, play basketball.I said “Oh, look at the Beavers in their swishy shorts.”Chelle said “You oughta know swishy.”

I said “Oooh! I just love basketball. I wish I could be a college coach, like your brother.”

Chelle said “Bah-rock, you ain’t nothin’ like my brother.”

I said “C’mon. What’s he got that I don’t have?”

Chelle said “Do I have to say it? Look at you sittin’ here with your legs crossed like a girl. What’s my brother got? Puh-leeze!”

I said “So you’re saying I wouldn’t be a good coach?”

Chelle said “I’m sayin’ no one would let you anywhere near the showers.”

Chelle said “Go get me some nachos and cheese, Swishy Boy.”I said “Whut?”Chelle said “And some fries.”

I said “Whut? I thought we brought the servants along to wait on you.”

Chelle said “My Secret Service guy always forgets to super-size it. Now go. You can get yourself a beer if you hurry.”

While I’m up, maybe I’ll sneak into the locker room and give those a Beavers a thrill.

Chelle said “I want you to post this to your stupid Facebook page. I want you to say ‘I think you all should apologize to The First Lady’ – and be sure to capitalize my title!”So I typed “I think you all should apologize to The First Lady…”Chelle said “Good. Now add ‘because you are not worthy to lick the soles of her $450 sneakers.’ Post that, Wiener Breath!”

So I typed “because she will force me to lick the nacho crumbs from her mustache.”

Oh, she is going to pound my a$$ tonight – and not in a good way, either, I might add.