Can you use some extra $$$

Be a Reseller of Domain Names & Hosting

Build your own successful online business! We provide you with everything you need: products, support, even a professional web site. And with our turnkey setup, your site is online from the moment you sign up! Plus, you can:
  • Build YOUR product mix! Choose from Domains, Hosting, Email, Site Builders and much more (view list).
  • Set the retail pricing YOU want. There are no deposits, minimums or advance purchases required.
  • Customize YOUR Web site. Add your own logo and images, customize colors and more. Or simply choose one of six ready-made designs. See a Pro Reseller Site.
Here are just some of the FREE extras (over a $505* value) you get when you sign up to become a Old Hippie Domains Reseller!
  • Reseller Web site, including shopping cart and credit card processing. See sample site
  • Google® AdWords® credit* up to $100.
  • 24/7 support for your customers.
  • Customer billing and renewals.
  • Site Analytics helps you understand your customers with detailed, real-time site statistics.
  • How to be a Reseller ebook, written by one of our top resellers.
  • Search Engine Visibility shows you how to submit your site to popular search engines.
  • Express Email Marketing® comes with templates to help you market to your customers.
  • Tools you can use to create a custom web site for your store – Shared Hosting or Website Tonight® for Resellers.
  • SSL Certificate reassures your customers your storefront is secure.
  • Online File Folder gives you anytime-anywhere access to all your files.
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

Back in 2003, I signed up with the same type of reseller plan running Go Daddy, and resold all of the products that Go Daddy sells (with the same back office as Go Daddy) under the name of Old Hippie Hosting ( It cost me $79.95 a year to be a reseller plus $8 a year for the domain name

As a reseller, I was given the tools to create a web site (like or, given a base rate for those products, and the ability to charge whatever I want above those rates — for my profit. The same back office that runs the far larger and more popular Go Daddy handled all of the order taking, billing, new customer setup, and the 24/7 support. My strategy was to keep the advertising expenses down (I don't have a pretty race driver doing commercials for me) and the prices even lower. I wasn't looking to make a lot from a few people — but a little from a lot of people.

I did very well with Old Hippie Hosting, and was then offered an opportunity to sell my same opportunity to other resellers — and so Old Hippie Domains was created. Southern Star Hosting became its first Pro Reseller (more on an annual basis — but a lower base cost for the products) so I could offer domains and hosting for even less. Despite charging far less than most everyone else for Domains registration and transfers, SSL Certificates and eCommerce, eFax and all of the other products — I'm doing pretty good my 6th year as a reseller.

If you are looking to make some extra scratch, feel like you have a good marketing plan, and have $79 a year to invest in your business — then you'll want to check out and give this some thought. All you have to do to set yourself up is:

  1. Think of a good business name and register it
  2. Sign up to be a reseller and forward your domain as instructed
  3. Spend an hour or two selecting the template for your reseller business
  4. Determine which products you want to sell, and the mark up of it
  5. Do as little or as much advertising as you want.
  6. Collect your commissions.

Everything else is handled professionally for you by the same experts that handle the big boys. They handle the credit cards, renewals, notifications, support, and everything else in your name. You literally don't worry about any of it. I've been doing this for almost 9 years — and have not once had a complaint with how a product or service was handled. All of my web sites are customers of  Southern Star Hosting — so I can promise that the back office is Top Shelf.