Dog on a Short Chain

A dog had one link of his chain removed, every few days, until his chain was so short he could barely move. He never resisted, as he was conditioned to his loss of freedom slowly, over time.

Wake up, as you are losing a little of your freedom each week. Hell, the Deep State buys data of your browsing history from the big web sites you visited, which downloaded all of your cookies, Ip address and the MAC address of your computer, tablet or phone. One huge NAS database of each citizen.

I can’t wait for digital currency replacing currency and banking.

AI will, someday very soon, sift through that huge collection of data from data bought, phone records, social networks, credit cards, banking, medical records, brokerage accounts, and a whole lot more. Everyone will be assigned a Social Score based on what sites they visit, what they say in texts and email, where they buy from, where they get their money, how they vote….

Most likely too late to stop this freight train now.

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