Who is Old Hippie?

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If you've read Ayn Rand's 1957 Conservative/Libertarian Cult Classic "Atlas Shrugged", you know the answer to the question of Who is John Galt.

But "Who is Old Hippie?" After 30 years of being a Producer by employing hundreds, spending millions in business expenses with vendors, and paying millions more in taxes — just so the moochers could sit back and watch Jerry Springer while receiving Government entitlements — I went on Strike and became the Old Hippie, albeit a Conservative Old Hippie. So many people have told me that I must be John Galt's long lost younger brother (or son), that it might be time for people of today to ask "Who is Old Hippie?".

In the Old Hippie Gift Shop,  there is a section with items that ask the question, "Who is Old Hippie?"

So if you intellectually prepared to speak for Capitalism and against Socialism, the absolute best way is to get people to ask you "Who is Old Hippie?" You can then explain how our current government is corrupt and have been put into office with the promise of gifts from the public treasury for their votes. You can further explain that the Producers will not longer take it from the Moochers and that they're essentially going on strike or moving their business off-shore. From T-shirts and coffee cups, to Shot Glasses and mouse pads, to baby clothes to yard signs, to iPad and iPhone protection cases to more — you can easily get people to ask "So who is Old Hippie", and encourage them to come to the Forums at OldHippie.com, and read Atlas Shrugged, to learn what is happening to this country. Time is running out. The conversation has to be taking place now — and before the next election.

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