Best SE Texas Wedding Photographer

Excellent Wedding Photographer in Houston Area

The above is a promo slideshow they sent the Monday following the Wedding to wet our mouth while they worked on the photos

First, other than coming up with cash for daughter's weddings, I know very little about them. What I do know is quality photos — because that's a hobby; and organization — as I'm a businessman. I leave the actual weddings up to my daughters, wife, and their friends — so I don't know about what arrangements had been made. We have this arrangement where my wife and daughters don't repair my racecars, and I won't arrange their weddings. Anyway, while I'll take the time to tell you which vendors suck and screwed me — I seldom take the time to tell you who I was please with.

This is an exception. Dee and Troy with have their stuff together.

My daughter was married at 6:30 PM and everyone in the wedding party was told by the coordinator to be there by 4:30PM. Upon me getting there I saw Dee and Troy hovering around snapping photos of the location and details of props. By 5PM, they hit up the guys in the wedding to get photos before they lost the sun light. After that they moved over to the gals, which as with anything with gals — must have been more time consuming. When the wedding started promptly at 6:30PM — they hovered around in such a way as to get the all of the photos to document memories — while finding the balance of being out of the background. After the ceremony — it took them no longer than 30 minutes to get all of the wedding party and family photos — which is a big task for a family as large as mine. For the rest of the evening, they busted ass getting all of the dance, garter, cake, toast,  guests having fun, and the "fun Photos". They shot over 3000 photos between the two of them, and I didn't see them take one break.

Dee and Troy remind me a little of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sprat — as they are as different as night and day. Dee has a big outdoors voice and Troy is far more reserved. You most likely won't get the opinion that they're the Wedding Photographers to the Stars — but you will end up getting the same quality photos for a fraction of the snob photographer price. These people actually have a plan when they start — and are the most organized photographers I've ever seen at a wedding. Dee's Outdoor voice works perfectly with getting young people to be where where the need to be for the photo, and they both have a very critical eye for photo composition. We got Absolutely Perfect Pictures — and and no one's time wasted. Not once did I observe people having to stand around and wait for the photographer. They came into a group shooting with a plan, got it done — and moved on to the next group shooting.

I was pleasantly surprised, and strongly recommend that if you are within 75 miles of Katy, Texas — that you speak with them for your wedding.

Dave Schultz