Fighting Back the Left’s Lies

Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World! By:  Andrew Breitbart

A Report By: Dave 'Old Hippie' Schultz

March 11, 2012

A couple of days after Andrew Breitbarts death, I bought his most recent book, "Righteous Indignation" and downloaded onto my iPad to read while on a 7-Cruise. I had to finish 2/3s of American Sniper first, but both books were so good that I made fairly quick work of both.

While it is for a different reason, this book was just as inspiring to me as Atlas Shrugged. As someone who loves what America once was, but who is appalled at how the "Progressives" are openly executing their well documented plan of overwhelming the Capitalist system to crush it, I feel that it is my duty to make others aware of this book. A Chicago Communist and Community Organizer Saul Alinsky wrote "Rules for Radicals", a book that has inspired many "Progressives" like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on how to crush the supporters of Capitalism, and transform America into their vision of it. If you have read Rules for Radicals, you will see that Progressives & Communists have followed it's plan to the letter, and Conservatives and Libertarians have allowed them to do it unchallenged.

Andrew Breitbart's has now written the rules and a plan for Conservatives and Libertarians to challenge and win back our country — but only if we are willing to stop being so damn apathetic. A start is to read this book.

Breitbart's book gives a short history lesson of Communism, Progressivism, Socialism and Liberalism in the US. Frankly there is no real difference in Progressivism and Communism. Today's progressives are Communists, using a more politically correct and a softer term with less negative connotations.  Socialism and Liberalism in today's world are just stepping stones to Communism/Progressivism.

Progressivism started at the turn of the century in the US with Teddy Roosevelt. Don't think that because Teddy Roosevelt was a Republican, that his was Conservative. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Back then, Southern Democrats were actually more Conservative and Northern Republicans were more Liberal. The roles started to reverse around the Great Depression of the late 20s and 30s. Woodrow Wilson took Roosevelt's "Progressiveness" to a higher level. He felt the Constitution was useless, and wanted a One World Government. People wised up, and rejected Wilson's ideas after his stroke as President kept him from pushing harder.

At the same time Europe was all a buzz with Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto. Communism got its start in France in the 1700s with Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Karl Marx better publicize it in the 1800s. A few to follow Marx came up with their various plans to put Marx's dream into action, but tweak it with their vision. Breitbart's book goes into more detail — but in a nutshell that all evolved into a bunch of German Jew eggheads — and their think-tank, "The Frankfurt School". Their goal was for a Communist Europe. What interrupted this goal was Hitler. No so much because Nazism was so different from Communism (it wasn't that different) — as it was Hitler's hatred for Jews. Most of the faculty of the Frankfurt Schools had to quickly leave in the 30s, and their "Progressive" counterparts in American Universities sponsored them coming to the US. Their goal moved from Europe being their Communist Utopia to taking over the US. The plan was to infiltrate Universities, media, politics, government, the legal system. They mostly settled in Hollywood to take over the film industry, Chicago to infiltrate politics, San Francisco to infiltrate art, Washington to infiltrate the Federal Government, and New York City to infiltrate media. The American Communist Party began to flourish with a lot of support from the Soviet Union. They taught in Universities like Columbia University to control the young minds studying Journalism and Political Science, and Harvard to brainwash would be lawyers.

In the 40s, some got wise to this communist expansion and the involvement of the Soviet Union, but with the help of the Communist Controlled media and ACLU, America was asked if they were going to believe them or their lying eyes. A campaign to vilify the accusers (like McCarthy) was mostly successful with protecting Communists in Government, the judicial system, College Universities, and Media — and damage was limited to a few (the Blacklisted) in Hollywood and a couple of spies (like the Rosenbergs) who were caught red-handed. Since then, few will even bring up the subject of the great influence on Communist infiltration in politics, media, and the legal system; as the attacks on them are swift and strong.

Saul Alinksy's "Rules for Radicals" is the perfect textbook on how to overwhelm the system by creating a large class of dependants of the government — and attacking those with the guts to challenge it. To even mention that there is a possibility that there are American Communists wanting to replace Capitalism with Communism — is to leave yourself open to attacks using Alinsky's Rules by groups like Media Matters, and Liberal politicians and their hacks. The Communist plan is actually brilliant. When politicians rob Peter to pay Paul — they can always depend on the support of Paul. 49.5% of Americans do not pay a cent in income tax — up from 20% not paying in 1980. They're mostly ignorant and/or lazy pawns who will believe anything told to them by the people giving them free stuff. With the other 50.5% — the kids going to college are manipulated and groomed by their Political Science, History, Journalism, and Law School Professors to do the Progressive bidding as Community Organizers, Lawyers, Politicians, and Journalists. This pretty much stacks the deck against us remaining Capitalists who try to be the Producers, and pay the taxes.

Righteous Indignation contains a well thought out plan on the effective things that can be done by those who aren't going to take it anymore. Breitbart's logic was successful in taking down ACORN, Anthony Weiner, and a host of other Anti-American/Anti-Capitalist people and organizations trying to overwhelm the system by bankrupting the country giving the Moochers free gifts from the public treasury. For years Communists have said that if they can create a majority of moochers fully dependant on handouts from the government to be their pawns — when the system collapses under it own weight the moochers will riot, Capitalism fail, and they will beg for Communism. Look at what is happening around the world as people with nanny governments are failing. Riots and Chaos!

You have to read the book to get the details of how to be part of the non-mooching Americans wanting reverse Communist advances, and take back America. A couple of the simple things we all can do is to:

  • Challenge the robots and their lies. Most of the people parroting these "Progressive" talking points are ignorant. They don't know why they should believe what they believe other than they've been told by people giving them free stuff to believe it. When they make some ridiculous statement — ask them for their evidence. If someone is called a racist — ask what they've sad that is racist. If they give questionable evidence — tell them to give you a source so you can check it out.
  • Be proactive. America's Capitalist destruction has gone too far to be apathetic and not want to get involved. Start discussing current events with your family and friends. Make them start to pay attention or they'll continue to be the idiots voting for idiots, continue to be moochers instead of producers, and continue to not pay attention to the obvious for those with their eyes open.
  • Don't talk about something you really don't know about — but instead research it so you will know more about it, and can intelligently discuss.
  • Document and report those who are willing to kill capitalism. From the pawn moochers that abuse the system, to the teachers brainwashing the minds of our young people to the politicians feathering their nest. Most of your phones have video cameras and voice recorders. Use them.

If you love America, if you believe that Media has a double-standard, if you feel there is a double-standard in the way different races of people are treated, if you feel the producers are being punished, if you feel that we are bankrupting the country — and it might be on purpose, if you are tired of Union Thugs and community organizers infiltrating meetings, if you are sick of the class warfare and hatred — then you need to read this book.

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