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Texas Hill Country Ride in September

Weekend Hill Country Run

September 22-23 – Richmond, TX to Luckenbach and Back

Click the above Image to view/print Full Size Brochure. Distribute to your friends for a Group Rate.

Texas Motorcycle Excursions is now accepting reservations for the popular September Weekend Hill Country run. This is the best time of year for both riding and camping!

Saturday Morning Segment:

Saturday morning's scenic route goes through Fulshear, Simonton, Wallis, Eagle Lake, Halletsville, and Shiner on our way to San Marcos for a late lunch. We take an excellent motorcycle route that is only lightly traveled, has smooth surfaces, a reasonable amount of curves, very scenic — and we will never get on an Interstate. We travel the speed limit or 65 MPH — whichever is less. We stop twice for fuel and bathroom breaks at Buckees in Eagle Lake and Gonzales. We also stop at least twice for very scenic photo opportunities – so bring a small digital camera. Iced down bottle water is provided at these breaks.

Once we arrive at "The Square" in San Marcos, we take a 90-minute early afternoon lunch break, where the riders are free to eat lunch at many of the available restaurants in the square. We personally like Sean Patrick's and Vodka Street, but there are a half dozen great choices. This should also leave time to walk around the square after lunch. Many Saturdays there is a fair of some type happening.

Saturday Afternoon Segment:

The afternoon route takes us on lightly traveled and scenic Ranch Roads through the Hill Country, with a stop for fuel and restroom. We arrive at a very rustic and Biker Friendly Luckenbach campground sometime around 5PM. Texas Motorcycle Excursions will set up one cabin tent and Queen-Sized air mattress per motorcycle, our cooker, beer cooler, a generator (which is available to charge your cell phones or notebook/tablets), lights, lawn chairs, and some Texas Hill Country Music. There is plenty of room to spread out!

We then start cooking a Fajita dinner. Riders also have the option of bringing a cooler of their favorite food and drinks if they rather — and have use of our grill. Feel free to bring a guitar if you play. We bring a couple of buckets and other cleaning supplies for those who wish take this time to clean their bikes. We also carry a limited amount of tools for those needing to make quick and easy repairs.

In the morning we cook breakfast and tear down the tents while the riders take their showers and get prettied up.

Sunday Morning Segment:

The Sunday morning portion of the run is by far the most scenic. After topping off the fuel tanks, we head up curvy and hilly Ranch Roads that often greet us with wildflowers and Long Horn Steer. We take the Northern route back heading through Marble Falls and the Balcones National Wildlife Refugee.

We stop for a break in the Balcones Park and then onward to Georgetown.

Sunday Afternoon Segment:

In Georgetown, we stop for a fuel/restroom break. This is where you have a couple of options. Since there really isn't enough time to take a full lunch break and still be back by 4PM, you can either grab a snack at this stop, or those with more time can break from the group for lunch at any of the many restaurants in Georgetown — or any of the other towns we'll travel through.

More Details:

The group is followed by a 1-ton truck and a 24' enclosed trailer, which is our version of a Chuck Wagon. The trailer carries all of the camping and cooking gear, iced down bottled water, emergency gasoline, reasonable personal gear (overnight bag, sleeping bag, cooler, guitar, etc) for the riders; and has room to trailer up to two motorcycles in case of a breakdown or illness. Riders can bring their personal items the day before, and/or pick up the day after if they wish.

At the beginning of the trip we have a short meeting where we distribute the route map, other information regarding the stops, and our cell phone numbers. Riders are free to break away from the group at any time, if they prefer to ride faster/slower or take longer/shorter breaks. They can then hook back up with the group at the other stops of Campground.

We follow a tight schedule and waiting for people who have problems with schedules will affect the whole group. We will have to leave each stop on time. However, each motorcyclist is provided with a route map and itinerary so that they can catch up with the group at a future stop.

Our excursions are open to all makes, and types of motorcycles able to safely keep up with the group. Touring, Cruisers, or crotch rockets are all welcome — American or Metric.

We provide a pleasant and valuable service for a medium size group of people. We ask that all members of the group to maintain that friendly spirit, and to not over indulge. While it has yet to have occurred, Texas Motorcycle Excursions reserves the right to ask anyone causing a safety issue or who is disruptive (to the point of affecting the group) to leave the group. There will be no refund should this ever be the case.

Motorcycling is dangerous. Serious injury or death is always a possibility. Register for an excursion with Texas Motorcycle Excursions only if you have a legal and safe motorcycle capable of this type of trip, and you have the skills required to operate that motorcycle on the type of roads and at the speeds in the excursion — and for a sudden weather change. We suggest that motorcyclist and their rider to always where the appropriate clothing and safety gear, but it is beyond the scope of the service we provide to be a babysitter. Texas Motorcycle Excursions provides an experienced guide for interesting routes, camping, some meals, and the transportation of personal items. You have to be responsible for your own actions. We do not have the ability to personally evaluate the skills of the motorcyclist or his equipment, and the riders in this excursion will hold Texas Motorcycle Excursions harmless for any personal injury, physical damage, or missing personal items. Motorcyclists are expected to follow all Texas Laws.

What's Included & Cost:

Campground and shower fees; tents and air mattresses; cold bottled water and Saturday evening beer; Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast; lawn chairs and the carting around of reasonable personal effects are all included in the price. For health reasons, riders will need to bring their own sleeping bags — but we do offer new sleeping bags for sale if you don't have your own. Riders need to provide their own motorcycle, which is currently registered, inspected, and insured; their gasoline, money for their lunches and snacks at stops; and any other expense not outlined as included.

WiFi Mobile  Internet connections are optional ($10) per connection for up to four people while at the campground.

Should your bike require trailering and/or you need to ride in our truck, the cost is $50 per segment (there are a morning and afternoon segment to each day). There is only room for two motorcycles and three people — but we've yet to have the need for more.

The cost for this excursion is $300 for the first motorcycle and rider, and $150 for the second rider sharing the same cabin tent. Availability is limited! Make your reservations now to guarantee your inclusion on this excursion. Full Refund 30 days prior to the scheduled date. Credit will be extended towards a future (within next 12 months) excursion within 30 days. The scheduled "Rain Date" is the following weekend, but you have the option of instead receiving a credit for a future excursion. 25% deposit at time of reservation, and full payment 30-days prior.

Group Rate:

Groups of 5 or more motorcycles identifying themselves as being with a certain group — will receive 10% rebate at the at the beginning of the excursion.

Put together a group of 10 or more motorcycles, and the person who organized the group and their rider ride free in addition to the rebates to the others in the group. This is your chance for a free weekend vacation by putting together a group of at least 9 other motorcycles to go on that excursion.

Just tell us you are part of a group and give us your group's name at the time of your reservation, and have your friends refer to the group name at the time of their reservation, so we can track. This is a great time to twist the arms of your buds with motorcycles to join in on the fun. This discount cannot be combined with any other discount. Print the poster and distribute to your friends.

Payment must be made 30-days prior to the excursion for the group rate discounts.

Frequent Excursion Discounts:

After your first Texas Motorcycle Excursion, you earn discounts on future excursions. This discount cannot be combine with a Group discount, but your motorcycle will be counted as part of your group to benefit others in the group.

  • 15% off your second excursion

  • 20% off your third excursion

  • 25% off after third excursion

Reservations and Questions:

Use the Contact Form
for your questions,

Boninfante Single Disk Race Clutch For Sale

This is the only NSS legal Single Disk clutch able to take the pounding of a 9-second 4-speed car.

This clutch was in my Red Coronet. Damon would replace the pad, and resurface or replace the flywheel once a year; and it would be able to go all year long without needing an adjustment. Although I would launch the car at 5600 RPM — I was kind to it by never slipping the clutch and never driving the car into the trailer. It was either clutch in or clutch out.

I’ve made 2-attempts of passes since the clutch was returned from Boninfante for a factory rebuild, new clutch pad and flywheel. I broke a Jesel rocker on the first pass, a distributor gear pin on the second pass — and never raced the car again. It went through a major update over the winter — including a conversion to automatic. This clutch is a good as a new one — but for half of the $2000 price Boninfante wants. If you want to go to a stick shift in your Mopar NSS car and don’t want to waste time, money, and rounds breaking the lightweight so called Race Clutches — this is the deal for you.

$1000 Firm
I figure my cost to properly pack and ship to a physical US address is about $50 — or I can bring to a NMCA race.

8-Bolt Crank

I sold Damon the Jerico 4-speed, so that is not available.

NHRA Hot Rod Reunion Recap

NHRA Hot Rod Reunion 2012

Dave Schultz – June 20, 2012

This is leg #2 of our 2-week racing "adventure". Leg #1 was the NMCA Points Race in Maryland, and documented at:

After the little adventure of blowing Big Red Ram's engine in Maryland, driving all Sunday night to Evansville, IN to pull the engine Monday, and then running it up to Indianapolis to be torn down and inspected on Tuesday — we got up at 5AM Wednesday to dump the waste tanks, refuel, and fill the fresh water — then head on to Bowling Green. When we arrived at the track, the space saved for us was a little too small for our rig — so we pitted all of the way down track on the hill by the river. Nice and quiet — when the gas generator 10' from our front door wasn't running.

Doug Duell loaned Dallas the use of his Barracuda for the NSS race, and I was running the Whale. We had the pits set up and the cars teched in by 3PM, and since there was no racing Wednesday — we strolled around the pits taking photos of the cars that had so far arrived. The below are a couple of them, but you can see over 50 photos I took of the race cars at:

Thursday NSS was given two time trial runs. There are so many race cars at this event that you don't get in a lot of racing personally — but it is such a kool event that it is OK to be a part time racer and full time spectator. Our first run was at 11:10AM. I don't run any weight in the box for the first Time Trial (although I did have 100 pounds bolted on) so I can get a base line for the weather station. I was way too fast (as expected) for the first pass on the C/FX index, but too slow to be able to run B/FX (even calculating for the weight unbolted). Dallas was expecting to run B/NSS in Doug's Barracuda, but the car ran a 10.04 — the fastest it has ever gone — so Doug and he decided to run the car in the A/NSS index. We were told the second pass would be at 3:30PM. We were in the motorhome taking a breather when at about 1:30 we came out to get a bag of ice. When we saw all of the Missouri Bunch's NSS cars were missing, we ran back and jumped into our suits and scrambled to the lanes — being the last NSS cars down the track. I didn't have a chance to check the weather station and add appropriate weight (We barely had time to check tire pressure in the lanes), so I ran the car out the back door so I'd have a good run to enter into Crew Chief and adjust for the weather on the next run. I was even faster than in the morning. Dallas ran a 10.02.

With racing done for the day (there was a rumor that we might get a third pass that kept the beer light off for a couple of hours — but too many cleanups quickly put an end to that) we cruised show field.  The below are a couple of photos I took of that little cruise — but the 50+ photos can be found at:

Friday was Qualifying Day. By now 32 NSS cars had shown up. All cars appeared to run slower in the mornings and you couldn't really use afternoon weather station runs for morning predictions or Visa-Versa. I was a little slow in the first round of qualifying, and too fast in the second round. Dallas' best was a 10.03.

Naturally, I Qualified #17 — and had to take on the Number 1 Qualifier. (Note to self when you don't get points — the #32 Qualifier gets the #16 — while the #17 gets the #1!). Doug Duell was #1 with a 9.501.

Friday night DW Hopkins had a little soiree in his pits for the NSS racers with Pork roast, chips, salad, beans,… and a good time was had by all, and too good of a time by a few.

Saturday was eliminations. The below is a video of the first round for NSS, but if you can't view it — then go to the Live at thread on the forums to view it. Bob Moser's son gets credit for putting the video together. This is a good time to point out that before each event — we start a Live At thread for the event — where those with smart phones and computers at the track keep the rest up to date with what is happening "Real Time".

Dallas missed a shift (isn't use to pulling the trigger after 1st to 2nd) and ran a too slow 10.12 against Mitzi. I'd set my car up to run a 9.70 and the plan was to just put a fender on Doug. My crappy light beat Doug's even crappier light — but I gave him the race by taking far too much stripe than I needed (I thought I slowed enough) by misjudging his speed vs. mine, and so my 9.74 was a break out.

We packed up and pulled out of the track on noon Saturday (not very easy with a 80' rig when the track is so crowded) — hoping to drive all night and get home by 3AM. I drove until 1AM — getting caught up in three major traffic jams while Dallas slept, and then Dallas finished the last leg getting us to the shop at 5AM Sunday. We had the motorhome unloaded and were home at 7AM.

Back at the track, Doug was keeping us up to date. Clay Kossuth took out Doug in the second round with a .017 light, and marched through the rest of the rounds for a late night event win. I would have liked to stay around to watch his win — but we'd been on the road for two weeks and the wife and youngest daughter wanted to get home; and my other two daughters wanted to celebrate my 57th birthday and Father's Day Sunday. I understand Clay was on his game for every round and the Schultz Family offer our congratulations.

The next race will be at Route 66 in Joliet, IL in three weeks, and we'll need to arrange to get up to Indiana in time to pick up the engine, install it, swap Doug's Barracuda, and get to Joliet in time for the race. Doug has offered to get the engine, he and Mat install it — and test at the local track if the engine is finished in time. That would sure be a major plus if it can happen.

Thus concludes part two of Dave & Dallas' Excellent Racing Adventure.

NMCA 2012 Maryland

NMCA Points Race at MIR

June 17, 2012 – Dave Schultz

The 2012 NMCA race in Mechanicsville, Maryland was the first leg of a two-week racing adventure, with the second half being the NHRA's Hot Rod Reunion in Bowling Green, KY. The week prior we had driven to RBC Racecraft in Indiana, to pick up the Big Red Ram, which had been there for the last six months. It had its Ladder Bars replaced, converted to an automatic from a 4-speed when I raced it, new engine, re-wired, new slicks, and quite a few other enhancements.

Dallas, my wife Deb, our youngest daughter Hope, and I left on Wednesday night for the 1600 mile trip filled with many strange delays — like a log truck rolling over in front of us. We arrived at the track's holding area very late Thursday night, set up pits Friday morning, and teched the cars in.

This was the first time Dallas had ever raced the Big Red Ram, and with a new engine the goal was to shift at 6500 to get into the 9.75 index. However the first time out Dallas ran a 9.41 — which was the fastest pass of his life. We slowed it down a little in the second Time Trial, and Dallas did a 9.46. The next time out was the first round of qualifying and we threw 60 pounds of weight in the box, and raised the shift point to 6800. Dallas lifted at the MPH block for a 9.53 on his newly declared 9.50 Index. I broke out in the Texas Whale with a 9.71 on my 9.75 Index. The second round of qualifying was set for Saturday morning.

The next morning we pushed the cars out of the trailer at 7:30AM to warm the engine up for the day's racing. After I'd returned with the Whale, Dallas was heading towards the staging lanes with the Big Red Ram. About 5 minutes later he passes by our pits (we're by the finish line) heading towards the return road. Ten minutes later and he'd not yet returned, so I hopped on the golf cart to go check it out. I found him at the ticket shack walking towards the pits, and could see the car at the end of the track about a 1/2 mile up. Dallas is pretty pissed, claiming that the engine had seized. We get there, and sure as anything when you hit the starter — the motor is locked up.

We tow it back to the pits and pull the valve covers first — and all looks well there. We then try to turn the crank with a breaker bar, and its not budging. When we pulled the System One oil filter we find a ton of gold, figured we spun a bearing (only six passes on the motor), and that Dallas' weekend was over. Shame as he was in first place for points.

They called us for the second round of qualifying an hour later. I managed a 9.752 on a 9.75 Index — but two others were also with .002 on their number in that round. Fortunately, my MPH was the fastest of the three, so I was the #1 Qualifier.

 There were only 11 NSS cars at this race because a race in St. Louis the same weekend had over 50 NSS cars, so I won the bye in the first round. In the second round I went against the 9.25 car of Kurt Neighbor. I was given a 1/2 second head start and when I looked in back of me at the 1000' — I couldn't see Kurt. I figured he broke at the line or red lit — and lifted. Then I saw him pulling by me. His car is low like a tube chassis, and my car is high in the back — so I just flat missed him. He put the fender on me.

NSS runs about half way through the video.

We got packed up and pulled out of the track at 5PM, then drove the 750 miles to racing bud Doug Duell's Kia dealership in Evansville, IN. He had a truck and trailer waiting for us to take Big Red Ram to the shop at his mothers house. By noon we had the engine out and on a stand in back of Doug's pickup. To turn the crank for access to the torque converter bolts, we had to drop the oil pan and find out what bearing was locked up, and then free it up. It turned out to be the #6 rod bearing.

At 3AM we're on the road to Indy, where the engine builder was located. We got there at 7:30 and they said they'd need a couple of hours to disassemble and analyze. We caught a little nap in the truck, then went to breakfast. At 11AM they told us what we already knew — that the #6 rod bearing had spun. There was no sign of an oiling problem or lean issue. The crank needs to go back to Callies to be re-nitrated, so it will be three weeks before the engine is ready. We'll get it before the Chicago race next month.

That left Dallas without a car for the second leg of our week trip — however Doug stepped up again and let Dallas run his Barracuda at the NHRA race. Thread with more details and photos.