Boninfante Single Disk Race Clutch For Sale

This is the only NSS legal Single Disk clutch able to take the pounding of a 9-second 4-speed car.

This clutch was in my Red Coronet. Damon would replace the pad, and resurface or replace the flywheel once a year; and it would be able to go all year long without needing an adjustment. Although I would launch the car at 5600 RPM — I was kind to it by never slipping the clutch and never driving the car into the trailer. It was either clutch in or clutch out.

I’ve made 2-attempts of passes since the clutch was returned from Boninfante for a factory rebuild, new clutch pad and flywheel. I broke a Jesel rocker on the first pass, a distributor gear pin on the second pass — and never raced the car again. It went through a major update over the winter — including a conversion to automatic. This clutch is a good as a new one — but for half of the $2000 price Boninfante wants. If you want to go to a stick shift in your Mopar NSS car and don’t want to waste time, money, and rounds breaking the lightweight so called Race Clutches — this is the deal for you.

$1000 Firm
I figure my cost to properly pack and ship to a physical US address is about $50 — or I can bring to a NMCA race.

8-Bolt Crank

I sold Damon the Jerico 4-speed, so that is not available.

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