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Blow up Obama Sex Doll

I shit you not! He most likely has three or four himself!

This is a real product and you can buy it via the link at the bottom of this story. So rather than trying to describe it ourselves, let’s just go with a censored version of the product description found on the seller’s website:

Blow-Up Barack presidential love doll. He f**ked the economy, now you can f**k him back! He’ll batter your bush. Visit his oval orifice. He’s got a presidential-sized power tool! He’s the clear winner in this year’s presidential erection. He’s got the biggest presidential staff ever!

They left out three things:
“Like the original, it’s completely full of hot air”
“Endorsed by Barney Frank.”
And “For a small additional change, MSNBC host Chris Matthews will deliver your Barack Obama Blow-Up Love Doll and personally inflate it.”
Source: Sex Robot


Joe said “Whoa, Debbie, baby! You just gave me a great idea! Let’s reel these Florida seniors in with promises of free colonoscopies!”

Debbie said “And just HOW did you get that idea from ME, Joe?”

Joe said “Well, just seeing your face inspired me!”

Gov. Perry Mocks Obama Ad

I don’t know if you caught it or not, but Chairman Obama has an ad where dumbass celebrities write dumbass phrases on their hands — like Hope & Change or Women’s Rights. He then challenges your to submit your photo with crap written on your hands. The ad is actually pretty creepy — standard Obama stuff.

Rick Perry decided he’d play — and sent in the below photo.

Bad News, Bad News, Bad News, Good News

Bad News

In March, I lost all electricity to my motorhome on Day 1 of a race in Bradenton, Fl.

A week later when we got home I took the motorhome to Southern Plains in Houston, who is the authorized dealer for my Onan generator. It took them about a week to even look at the motorhome — and then they called to say that it wasn’t the generator, but the inverter — and that it would cost $2700 plus a couple hundred shipping  JUST FOR THE PART to get one in time to get fixed for my next race. They couldn’t estimate the labor.

That didn’t sound right to me, so I call the inverter company and they say that it would cost about $650 to fix it at their Houston Local dealer. So I drive 2 hours to get it  from Southern Plains, and drop off to be repaired, and then picked it up two hours later to drive the two hours to bring it back to Southern Plains. $650 lighter in the wallet for a board swap, I’m given a 90 day warranty.

Bad News

Two days I go to pick up the motorhome from Southern Plains — and they give me a $1200+ bill — after my alleged discount for the Remove and replace of the Inverter! I mention that it can’t take more than two hours to R&R something like that — and I was assured it is a far bigger job than that.

Bad News

On the way to the last race the inverter craps out again, as has my 90-day warranty.

Good News

I look on-line and find a new one from an authorized dealer with 3-year warranty for $1750 delivered (not $2700 + 250 delivery!), and I buy it.

Today, it took Dallas and I 90 minutes to swap out the old for the new — and we’ve never done this before. I hate being ripped off — you hear me Southern Plains?

Moral: If you don’t want to be ripped off, fix your motorhome yourself, and never take it to Southern Plains!