Blow up Obama Sex Doll

I shit you not! He most likely has three or four himself!

This is a real product and you can buy it via the link at the bottom of this story. So rather than trying to describe it ourselves, let’s just go with a censored version of the product description found on the seller’s website:

Blow-Up Barack presidential love doll. He f**ked the economy, now you can f**k him back! He’ll batter your bush. Visit his oval orifice. He’s got a presidential-sized power tool! He’s the clear winner in this year’s presidential erection. He’s got the biggest presidential staff ever!

They left out three things:
“Like the original, it’s completely full of hot air”
“Endorsed by Barney Frank.”
And “For a small additional change, MSNBC host Chris Matthews will deliver your Barack Obama Blow-Up Love Doll and personally inflate it.”
Source: Sex Robot

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