Going the Way of Greece

We have forever become the United Socialist States of America

Dave Schultz – November 7, 2012

Stalin & Karl Marx have shown the Democrats politicians that “He who robs Peter to pay Paul, can count on the support of Paul”. In the last four years Chairman Obama has finally, and forever in America (as we currently know it) changed the ratio of Producers and Moochers in their favor.

50% of the people no longer pay Federal Income taxes. More than 50% now have officially become “Takers” — receiving more free stuff like Welfare, Food Stamps, housing, unemployment pay, disability pay when unemployment runs out, free college to learn French Literature, healthcare… than they pay into the system to pay for. Their personal greed to sit back and let others pay their way through life has turned the political system in a way that there will never again be an incentive to be a Maker/Producer, who have forever been outgunned.

We watched this happen in Greece, Italy, France, Spain. Portugal, and Ireland – yet learned nothing. The Moochers overwhelmed these economies so much that those countries finally toppled to the point where other countries had to pay their bills — and soon even that will end. They’re been rioting in the streets in those countries, and don’t have the race-baiting we have in the USSA.

This has been Obama’s plan all along. He was a student of Saul Alynsky (Class Warfare and Hatred of success), and the Cloward & Piven Strategy, a strategy to overwhelm the system by having so many people so dependent on Government assistance that they break the back of those who own business and property — and the government takes over everything to save the day.

Sure there are doubters that ignore the fact that Obama’s grandparents were Communists, who sent his mother to a Communist School “the Little Red School”, then fled to Hawaii with many other Communists during the Red Scare of the late 50s where she learned Russian, befriended (Obama’s Mentor — and possibly his father) Frank Marshall Davis, went to three communist leaning colleges (Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard) where all of his records of classes taken have been sealed, took jobs with Communists organizations like ACORN & SEIU, taught at a Communist leaning College, and became friends with some of the most radical of Chicago Communists (Ayers and Jarrett to name two) — and they same people refuse to care if they’re used as a pawn in Obama fulfilling the Cloward and Piven Strategy. However Facts are Facts? These are the same stupid and/or greedy people who believed Obama when he said he’d have the most open administration, and would work with Congress the first time — and ignored all of his lies for the second time — because they rather free stuff over Patriotism. They get their rewritten news from NSNBC, Colbert, and Maher.

Don’t blame Romney and Ryan for being too Conservative or not Conservative enough. It is impossible to save a country that has finally exceeded the 50% Moocher ratio. We’re now officially there.

So what can we expect?

You can expect that since Obama no longer has to run for office again, so he’ll attempt (and mostly succeed) completing the Cloward & Pivin Strategy. The backs of the Producers will be broken (by the DOJ, EPA, IRS, and any other Federal agency interested) until the Producers all throw in the towel. Many of us have already  “Gone Galt“. I use to employ over 100 people, spend almost a half million a month in expenses (which employed hundreds more at other companies), and paid millions every year in taxes. However, I began to feel like a spawning salmon swimming upstream against the current of anti-business Progressive Liberalism – the hated because I spent my life  learning and trying to crawl out of poverty to be successful. In October 2007, I saw the winds of change coming and sold my businesses – Going Galt until America smartened up. Those people had to work elsewhere, those expenses were not longer stimulating the economy, I no longer earned the profits to be taxed so heavily. It was truly my desire America would get smart in 2012 — and I could once again start a business that would not just benefit my family — but those who I employ and the customers I filled a need for.

That won’t be happening for at least another four years — and maybe not every again for me in my life time. I wasn’t the only one to Go Galt in the last four years — and you can expect a historical number to Go Galt in the next four years. So who will pay for the free stuff then when there are fewer places wanting to employ people, and fewer entrepreneurs wanting to work for the Federal Government?

Expect our economy to get worse, unemployment to get worse, taxes to get worse, the class warfare hatred to get worse, the racism to get worse, and the ratio of Takers:Makers to get worse. Yes, we are on the road to Greece.

Morals — expect schools to have their NEA Union teachers to pollute the minds of our children at an even increased pace, and the attacks against Christianity and Judaism to pick up. These are part of the 45 Stated Goals For Communist in the US. Read them and learn!

Rioting — Expect to see the same type of rioting we see in Greece from the combination of race baiting and class warfare combined with the money to provide service to the Moochers running out.

Freedom – It has been sold for free stuff and a bigger government. This is not the Republic our forefathers created for us — but the government the warned us of. Pay attention to the Freedoms you have lost so far — and the ones you will lose each day.

What can we do?

Sadly, not much of anything. You just can’t fix stupid, and the goal of Communism to is keep the masses stupid and dependent. The Columbia University (Communist infiltrated college decades ago) trained Main Stream Media, and the public schools will continue to be willing partners in keeping people stupid — and stoking the fires of the hatred of successful people and the race baiting.

If you look at the map at the top of the page, you will see that we are a divided country where the Progressiveness (code for Communist) of the northern and western states has its foot on the neck on the people of the South who have not yet succumb to the Moocher way.

I live in Texas — and I’d sure like to see Texas save itself by Seceding from the new USSA. I’ve always considered myself an American, loved my country, and 40 years ago I enlisted to serve in the military just days after turning 17. However, I served in the USA, and we’ve become the USSA. We’re not the same country I served — but one that has morphed into a Socialist European country. The Southern “Red States” need to start talking about what it takes to save itself before it is too late — which it may be already.

My advice for the Blue States is to Go on Strike. I’m not talking to the greedy Unions who ruined those states — but the Producers who created all of those jobs.

The Producers only have two ways to go. The first is to hang in there until you can take it anymore, and then throw in the towel as I did, or wait until the end goal of Cloward & Piven is achieved where the Federal Government steps in and takes away those businesses (as they did from the Republican Chrysler & Dodge Dealers in 2008) to give to Party Cronies, or Nationalize industries as did all previous countries to go Communist. Or you can try affect change before that happens. In Ayn Rand’s book “Atlas Shrugged“, the Producers disappeared to a hidden location — basically going on strike. The country escalated it pace of going to Hell — and then once there it began to rebuild as a Capitalist Republic. While that is a little drastic — it might be the only way to speed up the process of failure than rebuilding. However, if Producers were to first co-ordinate a week-long strike (just as their labor has to them) where all entrepreneurs close the business for the same week — the USSA might get a taste of what happens when you try to kill business. If that doesn’t work — then try two weeks, three weeks, or a month of going on strike of producing. It is certainly less drastic than all of the producers throwing in the towel and moving to Singapore or other countries where there is still a reward for being an entrepreneur.

I expect to be called Anti-American for writing this article — but while this will be used as an excuse to attack me — this is not the America I grew up in. That America had a good Christian Work Ethic.

I’m sure I’ll be laughed at for being a pessimistic tin-foil hat right-winger capitalist claiming that the sky is falling with Communism/Progressivism — but reality is that that the ignorant who say they don’t want to get involved in politics — yet go in the voting booth with only the knowledge given to them by MSNBC need to pull their head out of their ass! You screwed up the USA, and your lack of taking personal responsibility to care for yourself and family will come back to bite you.