Obama Card

Congressional Express ObamaCard – Let the suckers with jobs pay for your Moocher Lifestyle.
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He who robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul. Promising a free ride is how politicians get elected.

Now you too can get on the Moocher band wagon and get your share from the Producers who work with the Congressional Express ObamaCard. No need to fill out that nasty paper work or press 2 for Spanish — simply click the Buy it Now and we’ll get your very own in the mail to you ASAP. $4.99 plus $1 S&H.




Order your Obama Card today, and you too can become a full-time consumer–courtesy of the wise and benevolent United States Congress spreading the wealth and borrowing from the future!




Most cashiers get a good chuckle when you hand them this card to pay for your purchases.

Important Disclaimer for Moochers with lawyers liking to sue Producers for stupid stuff: You can’t actually use this card to buy your Philly Blunts and Colt45 Malt Liquor. For that card you actually have to apply with a State or Federal Agency and wait in line.


I have a very Limited Supply. When they’re gone — they’re gone forever.