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2009 Limited Edition Dodge Challenger Factory Drag Pak Car

It’s 1968 all over again..Mopar brings back a legend…!

The Challenger Drag Pak  is the first drag-race, factory prepped package car built in over 40 years by Mopar and builds on the heritage of the limited edition 1968 HEMI powered Dodge Darts and Plymouth Barracudas.

This competitive package car is the most effective way to begin an NHRA Stock or Super Stock program.  At a minimum, Drag Pak vehicle kits require rear axle, rear suspension, driveline, driveline safety equipment, wiring, fuel cell, safety cage/ roll bars, fire system, safety harness and other additions to be considered competition ready.

Only 100 of these were made for 2009 – This is #42

The Drag Pak was developed by Mopar Performance and approved by NHRA for stock class drag racing. For exact details on how the vehicle should be configured, please refer to your sanctioning body rulebook.

Package cars are not sold as a running driving vehicle, and are not supplied with a VIN number and are not to be titled or street driven.

Due to the specialized nature of the drag vehicle implied warranties of merchantability, are excluded.


Identification Plate with Unique Serial Number Sequence

Primed and painted body

6.1 L Hemi Engine (forged steel crankshaft and rods, forged 12:1 cr pistons, Hydraulic roller cam, .584 valve lift w/1.6 ration rocker arm,Special high ram EFI intake manifold w/4bbl throttle body)

Special BIW modified for drag racing (Approx. 1,000lbs lighter than production)

No windshield wiper assembly

No HVAC system (includes block off plates)

No rear seats

No power steering system

No under-body heat shields

No fuel tank assembly

No exhaust system

Composite liftoff hood with functional scoop

Modified tunnel for transmission clearance and one piece drive shaft

Raised floor above differential for solid axle conversion clearance

Polycarbonate door windows

Smart Glass door window system

Solid engine mounts

Engine repositioned, 19mm right offset and and 75mm rearward

Seats to accommodate 6 point harness

Wheelbase Shortened 13mm. (rear axle moved forward)

Special modified K-member with drop out cross member

Lightweight drag race only front brake assembly

Manual rack and pinion steering

Front chin spoiler

Lightweight cooling module with electric fan

Lightweight instrument panel assembly

Special cable operated deck release

Special cable operated throttle pedal and linkage

Ships with transport axle and wheels

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