Color Change On The Harley

Color change on the Harley Heritage





The above is my 1994 Harley Heritage — that I bought new in 1993. Then, the waiting list was years — so you took what ever color you got — plus $10,000 of ginger bread you didn’t want. After 17 years — I thought it was time to change the color to what I would have ordered. Actually — I wanted more of a 57 Thunderbird turquoise and white — but for some reason when I picked the paint up it was too "Robin’s Egg Blue" I had them add green three times before I settled on the below — before the color got too screwed up. The paint was color sanded today and I’ll take to the artist tomorrow for the tank art and blood red pin-stripe between the blue and white.


Harley Color Change

Harley Color Change


I’m planning on the below for the tank art

possible tank art