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The Ram Chargers with "High &  Mighty" in 1960

The Ram Chargers with “High & Mighty” in 1960

Do you have a copy of the June 2010 Mopar Muscle Magazine?

Are you willing to spend about 15 minutes of your spare time to contribute information to promote the Mopar hobby?

The last few issues of Mopar Muscle Magazine have recapped the new book out on the Ramchargers. In the June 2010 issue — there are four pages discussing the original members of the Ramchargers.

It sure would be nice if those with a copy of the June 2010 issue of MMM would pick just one of the original members of the Ram Chargers and take the 15 minutes to relay the facts in the magazine article to the Wiki of the actual member. The links are below.

It is not Rocket Science to add information to a Wiki — and the Help link in the MoparWiki is very easy to understand.

15 minutes spent will go a long way towards helping to promote the Mopar hobby in general by providing searchable facts on the Internet — and MoparStyle specifically by bring Mopar hobbyists to the site.

15 minutes out of your life is not an unreasonable request. Please help with just a little bit of your spare time. I can’t do this all by myself.

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