Getting Ready To Go Racing

I think we finally found and fixed the problem with the black 65 that Dallas was going to run this year. After two races missed he's screwed on a chance for the points.

Update July 5, 2010
Update July 5, 2010

The Vitamin C car I'm running had a pin hole in the freeze plug at Maple Grove — that we made emergency repairs on (JB Weld and silicone) to get through eliminations. Pulled the motor and installed brass freeze plugs.

Bradenton 2010

Problem is that tracks have been closed for two weeks because of rain and swamped pits, so we've not been able to test these cars to make sure they're put back together right. In about an hour we'll be pissing off the neighbors with a couple of passes on the highway — and try to get back to the shop without getting arrested.

Adding to problems — the lift on the stacker stopped working. The Amish company (Silver Crown) that built the motor home and stacker went out of business — and there is no such thing as a wiring diagram with the Amish! So after a day of trying to locate the problem — we found it to be the 150A waterproof relay (there are 4 of them daisy chained together) that I had over-nighted. Got it in — but I was worried about if we'd get the trailer fixed in time.

Final Batch of Approval Photos

Hopefully the cars will test ok, so I can get the rig washed and serviced Monday while Dallas gets the cars cleaned up and loaded. Leave Tuesday morning to arrive in the staging area Wednesday night.

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