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Joliet NSS Report



Artist Rendition of Me When A Tube Blew In My Slick

By: Dave Schultz ~ July 19, 2010


This particular race is called the Superbowl, because the NMCA and the NMRA both compete at this event — and the winners in NMCA and the winners of NMRA become teams — and are matched up in a NMCA vs. NMRA showdown. The winning team members get a Superbowl ring.


The Schultz family left on Tuesday, July 13th at 10:30 AM and arrived at the Staging Area at Chicagoland at 5PM Wednesday — Second in line in back of Barry Camp. After a night of 12oz curls with Barry, DW, and others — we all called it a night at about midnight.


They started shuffling us in at about 1PM on Thursday. It was about 3PM by the time we got set up, registered, and teched in my 63 Savoy and Dallas' 65 Coronet. Doug Duell finally got through the gate at about 5PM, and we kept him company while he got in the hour+ long line to tech his car in. Afterward we put the cars away and grilled up some Italian sausage, and onions/peppers for our little group.


Friday the was two time trials and two qualifying runs — with racing going on until past 11 PM. Saturday had the final qualifying session in the morning and the first round of eliminations in the late afternoon. The tree and round by round  recap can be found here.


In my 1st ron of elimination, a tube in my slick blew about 100' before the finish line. I was able to run the number — but crossed the line 500 RPM higher, 5 MPH lower, and the feeling I was about to loose a wheel at 125MPH. Details here.


Tube Blow out at 125MPH in Joliet


Sunday morning had  threat of storm coming in at 11AM — so they rushed everyone to the line earlier than expected — to beat the storm. I and virtually everyone else in NSS using a weather station was made to believe the air was technically better than the previously evening — and most of us lost the 2nd round from bolting in too much weight.


We were packed p and went through the gate Sunday at 11AM — and arrived home (1200 miles later) at 6:30AM Monday. I can tell you that Russ Berens won NSS — and NMRA won the Superbowl. For more of the details — click here.


The NMCA uses a Socialized Points system — and points are to be recalculated after this Joliet race.


Currently (after Maple Grove as it takes a couple of weeks for the NMCA to update) Douglas Poskevich is blowing everyone out — and you can throw a blanket over Kurt Neighbor #2, Barry Camp #3, Doug Duell #4, I #5, and Geary Bates #6. Geary and Barry didn't make it to the second round, and Kurt will get 100 less bonus points than the rest of us for missing Bradenton. So I suspect that Barry and Kurt might move down a rank and Doug and I might move up a rank — but we're all so close that Joliet qualifying will come into play; and I really don't know where everyone qualified. I know I was #10 and Doug was #2  of 26 NSS racers that showed — but I don't know where Barry and Kurt qualified at Joliet. When the NMCA calculates the points after Joliet's rounds and qualifying — and adds the attendance bonus — they put the second place racer 150 points behind the first — and everyone else down the ladder 100 points behind the driver ranked one above them. RULES.


Now while this NMCA/NMRA Superbowl was going on — I know that the Chrysler Classics and Schneider's series had many of the NSS drivers racing. If any other racer ever wants to submit an edited and ready to post recap of NSS racing at an event — please use the Contact form to email me that text, and let me know if you have photos.

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