Hot Laps in a Bentley

My brother Doug is a road racer who has been trying to convince me to go to racing school in February, get my license, road race with him. I’ve been to the track with him a couple times beating up on his cars.

Today he invited me to help break in the new engine in one of his Shelby GT350s, while he tried out a NASCAR Ford Fusion that was Mark Martin’s road car. In this first video, he’s driving the car and showing my line to take, when to brake, and what gear to be in.

Doug’s daily driver is a Bentley Continental — a $175,000 Supercar with a top speed of over 200mph. As we were about to go home, he decided to take a few laps in it. You wouldn’t know it from the below video because the AC was on and the windows up (and Bruce Springsteen Thunder Road playing)  — but his 6000 pound car was faster than the Shelby (and his Porsche) and the tires were screaming.

2010 Bentley Continental GT Speed

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