My Last Three Indians For Sale

My Last Three Indians For Sale


At one time I had a museum and around 25 Indians from 1913 too 1951 in my collection.










A few years ago, I sold off the collection of Indians — except for my favorite three. I'm now downsizing my life — and as much as I love these bikes — I need to sell them and move on. The following are for sale.

50 Chief Kustom


May be the fastest and most beautiful Indian Chief ever made.

Rare and highly desirable hydraulic fork used in the low production final years of the Indian Chief.

Very Expensive multi-colored metallic candied paint in  "Rainbow Theme". Kustom Chief graphic with head dress of flames.

Engine is stroked and uses the top shelf parts from JE, Carilla, Shunk, … making it one of the fastest hand-shifted (crotch shifter) bikes ever. 400+ miles on engine. Engine built by Terry Krumm of Krumm Indian. The bike was restored by Terry and Adrian Krumm of Krumm's Indian. One of a kind hand made dual fishtails on a one of a kind show bike.

Click Here For More Information on the 50 Chief

The bike was driven for one season and then drained of its fluids and used as a museum piece. I paid close to $50,000 to build and it would most likely cost considerably more now. It ran great when last ridden prior to being prepared for storage. It most likely will need a new battery and the carb rebuilt — as neither store well. Any respectable motorcycle mechanic should be able to quickly ready for the road.

I'll take the first $45,000 waved in front of my face. Excellent Investment in an era where cash,, real estate, stocks, and bonds are losing value — and Gold has topped out.

Come take a look at the bike (in Houston, Texas area) and I'm sure you'll jump all over it.

51 Rainbow Chief


Rare Rainbow Chief restored and painted by Bob Stark of Starklite.

Those of you who know Indian History, know that Bob's father owned a Indian Dealership back in the 30s-40s-50s. At the dealership in the 40s, they came up with a unique paint scheme called the Rainbow as a way to sell more bikes. It became so popular — that they worked with the factory to produce these schemes. Most were shades of reds and yellows — but a few Rainbows were done in blue or black schemes.

Bob Stark built and painted this bike for me in the late 90s. It is a fully loaded bike with a lot of very rare Indian Accessories and parts on it. I rode it for one season, putting 400+ miles on it — and then removed the battery and drained the fluids to display in a museum. The museum is now closed — and I'm selling this rare piece of history.

$35,000 is a very firm price – as-is, where-is. While the bike was running at the time it was prepared for storage — you can expect to need to replace the battery and most likely need to rebuild the carb and tune up. Most reputable motorcycle mechanics should have no problem — or you could have the bike shipped to Starklite for them to go through.

I can arrange delivery to anywhere in the world at Buyer's cost. Click here for more info and photos on the 51 Chief

41 Indian Four


This very rare motorcycle was the Duesenbergs of motorcycles. Professionally restored By Krumms Indian, ridden 30 miles to ensure all was well, and then all fluid drained and the bike displayed as a museum piece.

Once certified have been received — I'll help arrange shipping to anywhere in the world — at Buyer's cost. Don't bother with the scams — as they go no where until money is certified — and you pay the shipper directly.


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