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Sell Your Old Books on Dave's List – Free!


With the economy the way it is, I'm trying to live smarter financially. I'm downsizing my life by getting rid of all stuff I don't really need, and really don't appreciate. This will reduce my expenses, have my life less cluttered, put a little money in my pocket, and better appreciate what I keep.

We've recently moved from a big home we had lived in for 15 years, and a lake house we had for 11 years — into a single and much smaller home. After filling six bookcases, I still had 20 boxes of books that I have no room for.

So in the era of reducing clutter and downsizing my life — I've put together a used book selling section of Dave's List, which is what I jokingly refer to the Old Hippie dot com's Free Classified Ad web site. Registered and logged in members of can place free classified ads, with a "Buy it Now" linked to their PayPal, which has the buyer pay for the item and the shipping by credit card or their PayPal account.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will have my administrative assistant (Manda) start adding the 300+ books I'm selling.  However, I invite, no I challenge, others to downsize their lives by cleaning out their garages, attics, sheds, and anywhere else they have stuff that they know in their heart of hearts they don't need. Pack Rats and Hoarders — here is a chance for you to give yourself and your family breathing room, put some cash in your pockets, and get what you don't need to someone who does need it.

Get a roll of masking tape and walk around your house and put a piece of tape and a price of everything that is really useless to you. Keep the stuff that has sentimental value — but limit the number of things with sentimental value — so you better appreciate them. Then come back around with a digital camera ($50 at Wal-Mart) and photo the items — as ads with photos sell quicker. Then turn your useless stuff into cash.

As the classified ad site gets bigger — I will pay for advertising to bring more people to buy the stuff being sold. Until them, please share this on Facebook and tell your friends of the Free Classified Ads site — and the bigger it gets — the better it is for buyers and sellers.


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